Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays all!!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas as we did!!! Spent it with Murray and her "other" family. I enjoyed myself so much, fun to get to know my crafty friend Gail better, and enjoyed some wonderful food. We made Bruschetta, found fresh basil at Publix, so all good!!! Murray is thinking about becoming pescatarian (sp?) for the new year, basically someone who mainly eats vegetarian, but consumes fish. I'm confused about Vegans now..they can eat oysters, scallops, clams because they don't have a central nervous system....OKKKKK! (sorry Adam & Katie). Me I think I will stick with mainly vegetarian, but keep my chicken and fish. Chicken are annoying anyways. Oh and Turkey, which is what we eat as far as ground goes. I'm not sure what Murray is going to do when she is near a rare steak nearby. :/ That could be interesting...possibly dangerous if there is a ceasar salad served with it. ; ).

Things are doing better, and I am so very thankful for the great friends that we have been blessed with! I have a better outlook, and feel more positive!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and can't wait to get back to crafting!!!!!!

Lisa : )

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What it's like to be homeless....

OK, not a happy post, but maybe an important one. I think many of us are in the same situation, struggling with our bills, trying to keep up, and possibly one pay check away from losing everything.

It happened to us, Dec. 6th, at 8 am, when our house, particularly my Husband's childhood home which his parents had moved into brand new back in the early 50s. Gone, sold for 36,000 to Freddie Mac, one notice, and a meeting with a mortgage counselor to find out we were not eligible for "tenant status," which would have afforded us the opportunity to stay in our house as renters. The house was left to us after my Husband's Mom passed, it did cause some family strife, but at the time, she offered, and I had to think of my 10 y/0 daughter who had left her entire family in Washington to move with us to GA. We did so to take care of Grammy, as she was dying. The house was to go to another son, but she begged Dale to have the house, we originally said no, but when I saw how my daughter was progressing with the change, difficult at first, and knowing as a nurse that Grammy's time was short, I didn't want to take the chance to have to move, possibly away from my daughter's new found dear friends, and her stability. So I said yes.

She passed in December after we arrived in August. The plan was for me to work nights, my Husband to help with the care by being a stay at home Dad and caregiver. Jobs were scarce here in Augusta, but we had the stability of a home, only not in our name. For some reason unknown to us, the Lawyer who probated her will, would not put the house in my husband's name, stating that according to State law, it had to be left to the entire set of brothers. Only one wanted the house and that was to sell it (hence bad feelings). The understanding was that we would live in the house, pay the mortgage, and if we ever sold it, the profit would be split between the brothers. (My Husband had 5 at the time). We knew his brothers here in GA would not want the house, so if something happened to my Husband, I would be OK, knowing they would fight the brother who wanted the money basically in the first place. Well unfortunately, this brother passed a few years ago, so this became a non issue.

With my Husband and my job, the mortgage was never a problem, I mean 300+ a month, so during this time (which my Husband finally found a job he enjoyed and made decent money in 2005) we would get ready for saving a bit to make repairs, and such. But also during this time my Mother became ill and was diagnosed from ALS. Now I was the caretaker in Missouri for the summer of 05, and when my Mom passed 2 days after I arrived, I could see I needed to stay to care for my Dad. I had been working for a contract company out at an Army Hospital at the local base. When I returned I went back to work with the exception of a brief 2 1/2 months of scopes to both knees due to an infection I had back when I was in my 20s. In January I was offered a full time position, and took it. The year appeared to be a great one, and yes we spent as we made money, a bit foolish, and me dealing with my daughter's decision to stay with her Dad in WA at the end of the summer that year put me into a retail therapy tailspin. Most of the items in my craft room are from that year.

My Head Nurse at the time and I became close, walking around the track at the base after work, and as she was going on to a new position, she talked me into applying for a civilian position. I accepted thinking about the possibilities of retirement, and benefits which although I did take a slight pay cut, I would make out better in the long run. 2006 was a gift filled Christmas for us, we went a bit wild, and purchased things for each other and the kids that we always wanted to and couldn't, which we know, not the true meaning of Christmas, but again, none of our children were here for Christmas, except for my Stepdaughter who came with our Granddaughter who we had not seen much of since her birth 2 years earlier, so we spoiled the heck out of her!

Jump ahead to Feb 07'. I have shared before I believe about my battle with my injury, my months of no compensation from the Federal Department of labor, and then the final blow, my Husband's diagnosis of colo-rectal cancer. His Oncologist assured him that he would be able to work through most of the treatment, possibly some time off during the 2 weeks of chemo (he had a continuous pump). We didn't realize the radiation burns in "that" area would be so severe, and cause such pain, and continued time missed from work. Those weeks were very difficult, and the loss of his job the day after his Family medical leave ended, was devastating. Luckily he was able to get unemployment, and I finally received back compensation, and decided to take my rehabilitation into my own hands, my military LTC MD at the Occupational Health office agreed, but demanded that I do it at the hospital, which according to everyone, was not to happen, as I had already gone out into the community to a Ortho surgeon. I have posted, that yes, I was getting better, until October of that year when I experienced what I thought was a "flare up."

I have posted about the loss of my compensation, my inability to work, the dependency on medications that render me quite a bit useless, and inability to do most normal things around the house. I have posted about how I lost my job, due to being charged with being "AWOL," and my Husband's continued search for a job. At times when it seemed it couldn't get any worse, his unemployment was reinstated, he got a job this past June (which I have probably posted lost due to not being cancer free for 5 years, and this cancer is one of those that "usually" comes back, according to the again Federal Nurse who read his MD notes). He has a clean bill of health to work, but that c word can definitely go against you. I understand he doesn't have to disclose this, but Federal and State jobs really believe they are exempt from this.

SO if you are still awake after all of this, it finally happened. Chase robo signed us, and the house was sold the first Tuesday this past August to Freddie Mac. Chase was happy, they were able to get 4 back payments from us, and although we had "re-modified," the loan, the letter was sent to us right before our June payment was due. We now know this was crap, and my Husband was given a court date. We could not appeal, as we did not officially own the house. We had wanted to refinance with another company, because the interest rate was so high, and about only 25.00 a month went to the principal of the loan. Our credit is not great, so we wanted to wait until we were well established in our jobs, so that it wouldn't be a problem. Well you know the story. I suppose if we would have more savings, we would have been able to hang on a bit longer, but we sold what we could (most of the Christmas gifts to each other from 2006), and cashed in our retirements, which wasn't much. Stupid, yes, for not looking into the future. Being in our late 30's and early 40's, we didn't thing about the catastrophe that could and did occur. Still thinking like 20 y/o's I guess. I mean we had started our retirement funds, which we knew was the important thing to do, but oh how much more we could have done. I was payed past due compensation another few times, and at one point, could have transfered the house to our name, but the kids were there for the summer, I was feeling great, working 8 hours a day, and Dale was doing well too. We decided to have a few trips, fly my oldest son down, things like that.

So, Sunday Dec 5th, with most of our keepsakes that we could not lose in storage, we left our house that we had lived in for the last 8 years. I turned over the sign that said "welcome" to "goodbye," and turned the welcome mat over as well. We left two candy canes by the front porch, which we know will be thrown away. Dale's unemployment compensation ran out the week of Thanksgiving, and we had to sell his beloved Bronco II and a few appliances so that we could survive. That money went quick with the moving truck and storage, besides eating in an empty house. (The Judge informed us that we would be evicted on Thanksgiving day). Of course this didn't happen, so we stayed until we were finally notified by the Marshal's office on Dec 1st that we had til the 6th to leave. We have 20.00 left and the 6 nights in this Motel has been paid for by a local charity. I have no clue what we will do on Saturday. This is also coincidently the coldest temps we have seen in quite a few years. I am thankful for the time we have had, but now what? We have called everyone we can think of for assistance, found none. I have Spanky with us, and I don't know what will happen if I can't keep him with us. I am also so very thankful to a "crafty" friend and her family, as they took in my daughter Murray, so she could finish out her first semester at University without any stress, although I know she is so worried about us. I am trying my best to convince her to worry about what is going on with her, and that's it, but she is such a loving, empathetic old soul, I believe it's impossible. I believe the plan is for her to find a dorm, or move back in with us when Dale finds a job, and we can find a place to live. He has jobs to search for today, I have appeals to get out, and apply for help with Social Security. It's hard to get things done, as I feel it's so fruitless, when the Doctor from the hospital stated in his notes that I was not to work while taking Lortabs, and I'm on much more now, I still lost the first appeal.

There is a bright spot in all this. What went wrong last October, why was there pain traveling down my legs, mainly my left side. A neurologist going off of my 2007 MRI's said there was nothing he could do, but I needed to work on my core muscles (which had been my main focus during my period of rehab in 08'), and he basically called me fat in front of another patient when he went into a room to show me the exact muscles. OK, not going to see him again..LOL. My pain management Doctor was basically at a loss and had only been prescribing pain meds. I asked for another MRI, and it showed that the annular tears were healing, I still had a bulge in L5-S1, but no nerves impeded, BUT it did show mild arthritis in a few facet joints in L4-L5. There is synovial fluid in there, and got me thinking, I had mild arthritis in my knees noted on X-ray when they completely ballooned up. I asked my Doc if we could focus injections into the facet joints. The first set was done about a month ago, and immediately...NO pain traveling down my legs!!!!! I was beyond thrilled, despite what was going on at the time. My last injection was last Monday with lidocaine, and an extra one due to a muscle spasm that would not relax in a muscle running along the left side of my spine. I admit there is a bit of pain with this one, but I think it's because of the extra fluid in there, I have to wait for it to be absorbed and healing is slow with me, even if my diabetes is in good control. I don't know where we will be, but I go in next Tuesday for the final step, which involves a type of radio frequency zapped into the joints.
IF this takes, I could have basic relief from the pain going down my extremities for about 9-12 months. I am also going to ask him to "shrink" the bulging disc if possible, and then REHAB!!!!

I don't know what I will do then, I realize patient care is no longer an option for me, that the Dr. and Occupational therapist who helped get my compensation stopped were completely wrong, there is no way I can lift 21 lbs safely or care for patients. I believe I may have to try to get back in school to obtain my BSN. What I would really like to do is Case Management or even review charts. That had been one of my duties, besides teaching in-service's, was reviewing the patient charting for the day, to make sure everything that had to be charted was there, and correctly done, as well as investigation of "events" that may have occurred. I enjoyed this time while I worked that Spring and Summer of 08', even if I was "pushed" into being "assistant Head Nurse," when mine was away. All those meetings and being the only civilian present was daunting.

I know some will say can you find a shelter, and that is a possibility, but the only shelter for women here in the area (that I have found so far) is for women who are victims of domestic abuse, which I would have to say, doesn't being abused by the system count? Well 1. I would have to be separated from my Husband, he does all my driving, and caring for me after my injections. 2. I have my cat with me, which some may say, "OH PLEASE," but he is my heart, and my "4th kid." My daughter even stated she didn't think Spanky would survive without me. :( 3. I'm not sure what the policy on medications would be in a shelter, and I have quite a bit. I would not be comfortable allowing the medications out of my hands and sight, not only because of my dependency, but the possibility of someone who may have issues with addiction (and no, I DO NOT think all homeless people are addicted to drugs, but without them, I am not able to move very much, and one would cause me to possibly be hospitalized if I had a sudden withdrawal from the medication). Oh yes, these medications, my Doctor bills and if needed because I can't drive (one of the reason's I listed as my inability to work), transportation, all paid by the department of labor. Go figure.

Well, this was quite the book, wasn't it. I didn't write this for your sympathy or pity, but to say, it is so true, you can be one paycheck away from being homeless. We were and now we are. It's terrifying, heart breaking, and difficult on our marriage, which has already been difficult with "other" issues due to Dale's left over radiation and surgery effects, and my injury. BUT I know we will get through this, I know it won't be easy, I miss my yard, my sweet neighbors, I wanted to say goodbye (there were a few neighbors left over from the years that Dale's parents were alive, they "started" the neighborhood together, basically military families made up the entire block.), but couldn't as we drove away that Sunday afternoon. It was so painful, and I didn't want to cry. I hope someway, somehow to get Christmas cards (I have a ton of stamps, thank goodness!) to my old neighbors and apologize. I can't go back to the house right now, it's entirely to painful.

I will say, my friend who is taking care of my daughter told me that her son who is an excellent hair stylist, offered me and my daughter a free style, cut, color, whatever we want for Christmas. He is such a fun person, and my friend's other son, who actually introduced us, (He and Murray have been friends for years), well he is my son from another mother. Well anyways, I will be the best styled homeless person in this city. : ) (I really hope I didn't offend anyone with that comment, it's how I deal, laugh or I will cry).

To my blog & internet friends, I wish you a very Happy Holiday season, and I sincerely hope for good Health and Happiness in for you all in 11'. God Bless!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enfys Gone BUGGY!!!! Fantastic Give Away!!!!!

Wow..I know..long time no post! This back of mine, and all the other "wonderful" things going on in my life has just been so much to deal with, well enough of that!!!! Head on over to to enter for a chance to win AN ENTIRE RANGE OF PROMARKERS!!!!
Yep, you read correctly!!! Plus, Enfys will be giving video tutorials on how to use these markers for coloring in your stamped images. If you have ever seen Enfys' cards, well than you know..she is FANTASTIC with her shading, colors, etc....she tried to say she isn't an expert, but I'm sorry, I disagree!!!!

I also want to add that Enfys was so sweet to send me a lovely RAK a few months back, (and yes, bad me, behind on my thank you notes), but I wanted to mention it, as I used the card candy on a cute birthday card for my oldest son, who turned 28 this past June. Writing this actually made my heart skip a beat, I will have a 30 y/0 in 1 1/2 years...AHHHHHHHH. I also received some adorable images that I was able to use on cards for my sweet Granddaughters.

If you haven't subscribed to Enfys' blog, DO SO!!! She has the funnest (OK not a word ;) ) cards EVER, I just love the fantastic amount of creativity she has and how her cards are always different and beautiful!

Hope you all have a GREAT day, getting a bit chilly here in GA, but nice compared to the unbearably HOT summer (not to mention, unbearably high power bill, LOL).

(((Crafty Snafty Hugs!!!!))))

Lisa :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All sorts of crafty goodies out there!!!!!

Surfing this am, and of course went to one of my fav blogs "everyday cricut" and is featuring guest designer Mandy from the "Polka dot spot" blog. She is making some adorable projects and I think you will really enjoy her work! She is a sweetie too! Be sure and check out "a year in cards" September 2010 with Kristina Werner. She has started Christmas cards, and they are so easy and cute!!!!! I am hoping to get with it after I finish some cards for Murray. We are late on getting out her Thank you cards due to wanting to send a wallet of her senior pics with the cards. We were only able to purchase them a few weeks ago..terrible I know! Her Grandparents were kind enough to help out with those.

I love the senior pics here in the South, they have the "formal" pics with guys in tuxes, and the gals in the off the shoulder black drape, then in the annual (at least her High School) also included a smaller casual photo. Murray opted for the formal pic even tho she could have had another pose thrown in there. I love it, she looked stunning! Did I say I loved it....yep, meds on board this am.. *sigh* so sick of this sh*t. I look forward to the day when I can take a frickin' tylenol for a minor headache or pain...sheesh!

Now on the back front...I had my physical eval done this past Monday for Social Security stuff, and when he was doing my exam, I thought I heard the words "positive Babinski reflex" on right. That's not good as far as I know (this is a common reflex that is present in newborns, but disappears with age). Usually means some type of neural or nerve damage. OK, just a bit scared, but not going to freak until I hear from SSI. Being a Nurse you know makes ya freak about every little thing that may be wrong with you...LOL! Not really, but I'm hoping I heard him wrong. I had changed my patch that am, so was a bit loopy. It's interesting to me that my former MD, said I had nerve damage on my left lower leg, BUT was caused by a "knee injury."

Yes I did have 2 knee scopes to clean out some tissue from an infection in my 20s caused by strep throat. I haven't had any problems with my knees since the scopes done in 2005!!!!!!!!! But there was no telling her this as she is soooo smart (rolling my eyes). Which led to the functional capacity exam, where the lady with her masters in occupational therapy typed on the computer, and was watching CNN at the same time, along with her "helper." From her eval, it was decided that I could lift 21 lbs and work 8 hours doing Patient care....sure...can't drive, full of meds, actually told to not take my meds while working, but when I did that with just 4 hours, well tears came (this was before the narcotic patch, which you really can't just take off). Giving meds while wearing a narcotic patch...I don't think so. I happen to like my license, and like my Patients, why would I risk them or myself. Oh well, sorry for the rant, but this is what led to the Department of Labor taking away all my compensation (but they still pay for my drugs), and losing my job. It amazes me sometimes how are Government treats people. Very sad. I hope one day for vindication, but not really happy that I may have permanent nerve damage. That kind of sucks.

Well, enough of that, sheesh..I wrote a book. If you need to find the links to the places (except for two peas, you can google Two Peas a year in cards to get to the site, she also has a PDF file to download), you can check my side bar of blogs I follow. I hope you all have a great day...we have a bit of another concern with Facebook and Murray. While watching the news this am, she saw a trio of rapist, thieves, and murderers and commented that the 3rd one was a "friend" on FB. I guess he added her, but she went and blocked him right away. So yes I know she is an adult, but we are going to have a discussion of blocking anyone she doesn't know or really talk to, and making sure her info has the correct security, so that NO ONE can see her page without being a friend, or a friend of a friend. I'm pretty sure she has done this already, but want to make sure.
Scary world out there, so I'm going to watch a few videos, and hopefully make a few cards this am. I hope to have them posted later. I am casing a few cards from Mary at "cardTV." Really pretty paper quilted cards, so wish me luck!

God Bless, and happy crafting!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Missing my Boys, my Hubby's kids, Grandbabies, and my blossoming College student...

WOW, I miss my boys, and wish they would send me some photos!!! Sometimes all I feel like is that I have one child, instead of 5! (So Matt, Ian, Anna, and Andrew, PICS please!!!) I would really like to see a photo of Matt and his young lady! I also hope he has received his card that was sent late, and then came back to us, then sent out again...nice to have a birthday gift approximately 4 months after the fact!!!

Ian calls, and seems to be doing well, sometimes I just can't tell. I worry about him at times. He is my Bean, and well, what am I saying..I worry about all of them!!!

We had a relief yesterday when a fugitive who is being charged with beating a poor woman at a convenience store within an inch of her life (she is still in the hospital), and a suspect in a double murder in SC finally caught! Guess where...about 1 mile from our house!!! Apparently he had been hiding in a vacant house, and the woods around our house..Scary for the last 4-5 days knowing he had been seen in our area!!!! Praise God he was caught the night before last!

I have to talk about my Daughter Murray! What a change in her! She has taken to college life like a fish to water! She is gaining her independence, changing her style, enjoying the lectures, and all college academics have to offer! She also has changed her room into a type of dorm room with accents of fuchsia, purple, and green. Organization has become her goal along with eating better and getting exercise in the am 3x a week at the college gym. In fact...I WANT HER ROOM!!!! LOL It is so inviting with a wonderful beanbag chair which she can sit with her lap top and study. I have decided we need to look for green, fuchsia, purple, and black striped material to make her curtains and possibly a bed skirt. She isn't sure if she wants the frame she wants, platform bed, loft bed, or futon. We have also talked about a cheap alternative to when she does (if she transfers to another college for her last two years, depending on scholarships and such) using black clear sterilite contatiners for clothes storage. She really went out of her "color" fear and has been incorporating more in her wardrobe as well. *sigh* my baby is growing up! I'm sharing a few pics of her because she looks too cute!

I have a question for experienced bloggers as well in addition to my ramblings! If I have a follower that I don't know, can I block them?

Now for me...I might have mentioned I have been reading quite a bit. One book that truly made me completely satisfied and in a sense wishing to experience the same was "My Life in France" by Julia Child. I decided to read the book after seeing Julia/Julie. I enjoyed the movie, but would have enjoyed it much more if it was all about Julia! What a fascinating writer she was! Her recall for detail was exquisite (I know...strange word, but the only one I can think of!). She described meals as I would describe a movie I may have seen at least a dozen times, and she even remembered the wines served! Amazing! It is truly a "Yummy" read! So I completely suggest this book for those who love to cook, love food, and who will become inspired to visit France for the different regions, and tastes.

That's all for now...wishing you all a blessed day!

Lisa : )

Murray and her "Toms" which she was gifted by her friend's Mom. Great shoe company, as for every pair sold, a pair is donated to a child in Africa! The next is Murray's "grey look," as she is into coordinating everything these days, which I also noticed this pic has the exact same shirt in the first photo, I believe this shirt is her fav! LOL She found the shoes at Academy sports and thought with a gray tank top and her ripped "jeggings" would look good I think she looks great! She even found some steel grey nail polish and eye shadow to complete the look! Anyhoo, my baby, college freshman, beginning her adulthood. I couldn't be prouder!!!! :)

For some reason, duplicate post : /

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where in the world have I been????????

Well, if anyone is reading, my summer has been basically filled with pain (as usual), which I find strange as a "nice" neurologist basically said if I lost weight, my back would be better, for some reason I have been losing weight, and not sure why, but trying to eat better, cut out processed foods, not much red meat, and trying to get out more and do more. Of course this is always followed by days of bed rest due to unbelievably painful episodes unlike the usual chronic ache. (so basically on a scale of 1-10, my pain level elevates from my usual 5-6 daily to 8-9). But, the best part was watching my beautiful Daughter Murray graduate on May 26th, and begin getting ready for her Freshman year at the local University. She is surprising me these past 2 weeks with her dedication, and her interest in her studies. She is taking Communications, Pre-Calculus, English, and Psych!!! 2 of her "bros" and a few others from her former HS are attending the same University, so between studying, classes, and now a desire to get into shape and avoid the "freshman fifteen," she is planning on a workout schedule on the eliptical (old injury to Left hip, and recent sprain back in May to her left ankle, hmmmm sounds so familiar, poor sweetie!).

My Sons are doing well respectively, Ian in the AF, and Matt has a GF that he moved in with. I have yet to meet this "ebony Goddess," as he calls her, but she sounds very sweet!!!! I hope the best for them! My other Daughter Anna is taking college courses online, while taking care of her two beauties, although my sweetheart Lilly (who by the way, fell in love with her Auntie Murray this summer, and the feeling is mutual!!!) started 1st grade this year, and our very Sassy Bella is at home with Mama! I wish we lived closer to them, I would take Bella for a few hours a day so Anna could get more done! She's doing it tho! Her Dad & I are very proud of her! She is also planning her wedding to her longtime love Deon. Unfortunately (and fortunately) Deon's new job is putting a few glitches in the their plans, so they keep having to change the date! I know it must be frustrating for both of them, but I know this job is a fantastic opportunity for Deon, and I know he feels awesome about taking such good care of his family! We haven't heard from Andrew, and I admit I'm worried and hoping all is well with him. There is some issues between Andrew and his Dad, which I really dislike, but I have to let them figure it out for themselves. : (

OK, why not...we lost our house. We have joined the masses in being foreclosed, and will have to find something soon. It is very heartbreaking, as Dale had a job which was a temporary position, but had him in Alabama for 3 weeks, where he was training and going through all the tests, and such for working on a Federal installation. I won't lie, the way the Federal government has treated us (different agencies) has been atrocious, and I have lost quite a bit of faith. He was doing very well until his medical, where they of course found out Dale had cancer in 2007, and as it is a possible "reoccurring" cancer, they cut him loose. They said he had to be 5 years cancer free. Another setback. We are trying to be positive, but unbelievable what we have been through during our almost 10 years of marriage! God has provided, but I guess the house is not going to be one of them, so I'm not looking forward to this task. :( Any extra prayers you have, if you could spare a few for us, especially my Daughter, so this doesn't effect her too much and she can keep her schooling still smooth through the upcoming upheaval, well that would be so much appreciated!!!!!

Sorry for the downer post, but I'm tired of feeling embarrassed about somethings that have been out of my control. We just have to pick ourselves up and go on, that's all we can do!

I pray for special scrappy friends, Stephanie, Monique, and if I forgot anyone, please let me know. These are courageous women going through such a difficult time right now, and both have shown nothing but grace and smiles, unbelievable. I think a bout of cancer would do me in at this point in my life. I would like to think I am stronger than that, but sometimes, I don't know. But they say, and I do believe it..."God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle." (not the direct quote I know, my meds are kicking in...LOL).

I wish anyone who reads this silly blog of my ramblings, Happiness this weekend and a wonderful upcoming holiday weekend!!!!

Crafty Hugs!!!!
Lisa :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Murray at Honor's night!!!

Dear gentle readers,

I have posted about my daughter's difficulties with school the past few years, if not, well she had some problems when she was living in WA, because someone wasn't doing their job. Her grades suffered, as well as her personal life.

She has buckled down, and done so great. In her annual, there was a very long half page letter to her by one of the schools' most respected teachers. He was so very proud of her, and told her she would go far. This school is probably the most academically competitive school I have ever seen! Perfect for Murray. Although she did not make the honor role, except for A-B, at honors night she was presented with the award of "Outstanding in Advanced British Literature." I believe she would have had one in Physics as well, but the gal who won that award had a higher GPA. is a photo of her with her guy friends, (isn't the guy in the middle the coolest, and he is super smart too!!!! OK, he reminds me of Murray's older brother Matt, but with more hair!!!!!! LOL ), and before she lost her tassle :( . Now we get to order one ASAP before the 26th. YEAH, yes that was a sarcastic YEAH. Apparently she wasn't the only one!...LOL

Crafty Hugs, and looking for another tassle Hug,
Lisa :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life's precious moments are all around us

I mean, that is what life is all about, right..precious moments. You really need to go to The Pink Stamper's blog (or you tube Robynstamps) and check out her video. Not only is the scrap page adorable, but the best part comes at the end. I just adore her little guy, he has a voice a bit like Froggy from Our Gang, and believe me, when you see this part, you may become a bit teary like I did. My boys are men now (20 & 28), and I have to say, I was so envious for a moment when I saw Robyn & her son together. I miss those moments, but of course I have them in my heart and memories.

Yes, I am up..another patch change, another bout of insomnia..I feel like I am getting tired, it's just like not happening...freaky deaky I say! I am on my second cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea, hoping it will help, but oh well I can watch crafty videos, and also post on my blog..WOOOHOOO!

Murray brought home her annual today, and I love her quote next to her senior pic, here it is;

"If you have never said "Excuse me" to a parking meter or bashed your shins on a fire hydrant, you are probably wasting too much valuable reading time" ~ Sherri Chasin Calvo

This describes my daughter to a tee!!! She loves to read..I am lucky that way, all 3 of my children have a fantastic passion for reading. I so lucked out! LOL

I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks, my "baby" will be graduating..blows my mind...our next job is driver's license, as I may have some very important news..I mean she needs to get her license, but something may happen in our family that will require her to obtain it sooner than later. Oh I look forward to this! (NOT) I actually believe Murray will be a good driver, because she is very careful, and she may be scatterbrained like me at times, but when she focuses on's complete. So, I leave you now dear blog readers with hopes of happiness and joy for you all, (really I need to use the "loo" hehehe, I know..TMI). So I hope to be back with a post of Murray's card she made for her Grandparents...and designed herself..I am amazed!!!

Crafty Hugs,
Lisa :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, one of my favs has a million hits on her blog!!!! And if you have never been there...what the heck is wrong with you!!!!! GO to Obsessed with Scrapbooking and check out her give aways, and oh Joy, if you read this, forgot to add to my post...Thanks again for the coupons!!!!

SHE HAS SOME AWESOME PRIZES, NO LIE!!!!! And remember to head back there or go through her archives to find some great inspiration for cards & LO's. She is also part of the Everday Cricut with Melanie, and a frequent guest designer for other blogs. Does this Woman ever rest!!!! Oh how I wish I had a smidgen of her energy!!!!!

So good luck, and leave a nice comment for one sweetheart of a Lady!!!!!!

Monday Monday, so good to me...Hugs!!!

Lisa :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today was my second in a possible series of lumbar epidural shots. I am proud of myself, because I did not CRY!! yeah me! But I think I drove my Doc crazy, because in order not to think about what he was doing, I was also talking a mile a minute, plus 2 lortab, and 2 valium doesn't help my verbal vomit either. The first one didn't really do anything, so we will see what happens with this one. If it works well, I won't get the 3rd shot, but my Darling Hubby (some sarcasm, lol) said if it works then get the whole series, make sure it works well. I see his logic in this, but he isn't the one who is laying there with a needle stuck down into my sacral area. Not to mention, I need more lido than most to deaden the nerves, so of course he didn't put enough in, and when he went down the catheter to inject the medicine..I about jumped off the table! I think he believes me now, and will make sure he really deadens the space! (I hope).

I'm really tired, doped up, and had to change my patch today. I so hope I can sleep tonight, if not, I'm heading to bed here soon so I can get maybe a few hours rest.

We are doing taco salad tonight for Cinco de mayo, man I wish I could have a mexican beer...that would really top it ETOH for me tho, will all these drugs...pfffffffft.

I'm checking my email now...and just trying to get to my regular blogs to see what's going on. Who knows, if I am up all night, I wll probably get to my other blogs to add comments and see all the crafty yummies!!

Don't forget scrapguys blog and everday definitely want a chance for the awesome blog candy at these sites (see my previous posts, as well as my right hand side bar)! Plus Bryan has awesome videos posted (I can't wait to continue watching them), and Everyday Cricut's Melanie & Joy always have the cutest cards, LO's, and projects on the web! Tammy too, but she is so busy with her Gypsy projects, and such, you will have to visit her at the crafty critters cricut club (I typed that from memory, and as my memory not greatest....LOL).

Happy Happy day,
Lisa, "I have a pain in upper butt" Sturgill :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Blog...thanks Enfys!!!

It's hard to keep up with Enfys' blogs that she is on the design team, there are so many!!! And rightly so!! I love her eclectic style, it is so inspiring!!!! Well, you have to check out this fun blog "Get Funky" (see blinky to the right! :) ). It is truly a fun blog, and I think I am going to go for a challenge today..I am going to make my back behave, and make a shape card to share on the blog!!! I love shape cards, one of the reason's I had to get the WC cartridge! But now that is not enough..I want "just because cards" too!!! LOL...I think a crafter can NEVER have enough carts!

Please remember to check out the post prior to this one as I'm not sure how to keep it on the top, blog + me = complete cornfusion!!!! ;) Well we all have to learn somewhere, right!!!

Crafty shapely card Hugs!!!
Lisa :)

Where in the world is Bryan the ScrapGuy??????????

Bryan is sharing on his blog this week his trip to Southeast Asia & India, I mean, COOL BRYAN!!!!!!!! He is also sharing what I am sure will be yummy exotic blog candy, so be sure and head over
THERE every day this week to see all the I could post a pic of his GRAND PRIZE, but I don't want to steal his thunder and shimmery goodness!!! So you are going to have to see for yourself!!! ; ). I'm excited to see where he visited, his pics, and his videos...and keep singing the theme song from "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego!" My Son Matt who is turning 28 this June loved that show!!!'s late I digress! LOL Have fun!

Curry Spicy Hugs!!!

Lisa :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everyday Cricut Give-away, NEW EXPRESSION!!!!

You definitely are going to want to go HERE and leave a comment, and look at your other chances to win a new Expression!!!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I tell ya, those Gals are super generous! Don't know if I posted here or not, but Wendy aka Bling Queen is a guest designer here with some fantastic ideas for the Grads in your family or friends! Goodness knows this is close to my heart this year!!! May 26th is coming up awfully fast! Hope you all had a fantastic National Scrapbooking day!!!!

Crafty Hugs!
Lisa :)

Happy National ScrapBook DAY!!!!!!!

Do you have special plans today??? Plenty of the blogs (you can click on a few to the right) are having fun challenges, give-aways, and all around good times today, so check them out!!!!

My thanks go out to the Robyns, Joy, Melanie, Tammy, Enfys, Kathy, Laura, Bryan and a host of others who make scrapbooking/cardmaking so much fun!!! Oh man, this reminds me...Mary of Cardcrazy09, I need to get her link on my blog!!!! She also has some fun going on today as well! Off to check out the blogs and see whats going on with my internet Crafty Goodness friends!!!!!

Have a fun day, create if you can, oh enjoy the awesome ideas and projects going on today!!!!

Lisa :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A card I put together...

Here is a card I started last evening and finished today. It's inspired by a card that I viewed HERE. Tami always has great card tutorials, and ideas. I attempted to try the faux layering technique, and then I glimmer misted (my home made version) all the layers. I realized the 2 patterned papers I used as layers were not that visible, so made me a bit unhappy, but otherwise happy with the way it turned out.

Supplies used:
SU and Recollections CS
K&Co small stack Tim Coffey
My homemade glimmer mist
EK success punch
Chestnut Roan chalk ink
Autumn Leaves & unknown stamp set (sentiment)
prima flowers
unknown crystal brad
scissors to try and distress edges of paper..LOL try being the operative word here!

Thanks for looking! :)
Happy Friday and hoping ya'll have a fantastic weekend

ETA: I found another blog to follow (no surprise!) HERE. The blog is GORGEOUS!!!! I love vintage LO's and I myself have tons of old family photos to scrap (and have already done a few), she does a fabu job!!! Check it out, and check out the Crafty Secrets web site, they sell vintage goodies, and I am so in love with their Kewpie stamps!!! Anyways, all for now! Yeah, you may have figured it out..Fentanyl patch change today *sigh* I hope I get tired at some point. LOL

OK, so had to post this, no matter how much I embarrass myself....

You really need to see if you can watch a video of this segment, I hope there is one!!!! HERE

Just to let you know, Sarah Silverman was a bedwetter, and she tells a story of a sleepover at 6 years old and having an wetting her sleeping bag. She talks about trying to ignore it, get ready like everyone else, and the Mom coming out, steps on the sleeping bag, and screams "Who did this!!!!" but Sarah is saved by the Dad coming in the room and stating "Elvis just Died!!" So Sarah saved.

Now for my story. I was not a bedwetter. BUT, when I was about 6 (same age, imagine that), my Mom, Kenny (my younger brother) & I were getting ready to go somewhere in her convertible monster of a car. While she was backing out of the driveway, she started to run over a bike left in the driveway by one of my brothers. Well she got out of the car, and went to move the bike. Somehow, I don't know what happened, but the car began to back up, knocked her down, and ran over her legs at the knee level. I still have the image of her face as I was looking down and the sound of her wail as the car ran over her. (Now I will say, only my Mom could manage to run herself over with her own car, this is how her life was, very ironic!). Just a note, I was crying, my younger brother leaned over and turned the car off as we went into our neighbors driveway.

Now..My Dad was working in Portland OR, and with my Mom in the hospital I went to spend the night with our neighbors and my Mom's close friend Vanda. I slept with her Daughter who was a tween at the time. Well I wet the bed. I was so ashamed! Vanda asked me, with a disgusted accusatory look on her face, "Did you wet the bed?", I said "no" and I'm sure with a look of absolute horror on my face.

So you may wonder, what does this have to do with anything...WTF is wrong with adults!!! I mean my Mom had just been run over by her car which I witnessed, traumatic much?????? Poor Sarah was so devastated by the Mother's reaction, her question was the same, why would an adult try to embarrass a child in that way.

So my friends...if someone has an accident at your house...quietly remove the evidence, maybe discuss it with the child's parent..but don't yell it to the world or confront them...we felt bad enough!

And unfortunately for me...Elvis hadn't died yet.

Robyn's tutorials and Pink Stamper's chic card!!

HERE at Robyn's blog you can view the continued tutorial on how to make a paperbag album. If you have never made one, now is the time, super easy, super fun! She gives great tips on how to prepare the bags, how to organize your supplies, and fantastic general good info! Then be sure to head on over to HERE OH, imagine this..another talented Robyn!!!!!! Love when she breaks out the Forever Young cart..she makes the chiciest (is that a word..LOL) cards with this cart! LUCKY KARLEE!

If you are a Gypsy user....OH BOY!!! Tammy Skinner from Cricut Critters is THE Dear ABBY of the GYPSY!!!! How cool is that!!! She just got back from CHI-Town for a weekend of instruction for demonstrating Cricut products possibly in your neighborhood. Wish she was coming here, would love to meet and learn from her!! She is one of the sweetest people I have "met" on the internet!!!

Happy crafting Friends,
Lisa :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Buzzin' Blog Hop!!!

You need to go HERE and take in all the fantastic projects by these Gals!!! There is blog candy as well, but the best part is the use of the iconic Bee...ADORABLE, I think almost every cricut cart has a bee cut, so no excuses not to get in on the fun!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I'm awake again! Gotta love fentanyl patches, oh well, going to try to doze soon, hopefully catch a few zzzzzzzzs. Murray's lunch is made, as well as the coffee, ready to go, my chores, whooopie!!! I attempted to go for a walk today, I was kind of having a bad day emotionally. Usually if I don't think about this whole back, work, etc.. situation, I'm OK, yes I know some avoidance there, but it's a coping thing. Today it didn't work, so I cut up two apples, got my water bottle, and left, I'm not sure how far or how long I was gone, but I do know, too much. I don't know why I can't give myself a break and do a bit at a time, noooo I have to prove something, but to who or whom (? :) ), I don't know. Whelp, not an exciting post I know..and really try this blog hop, they can be a lot of fun!!!! I find new blogs to follow and usually end up hanging for awhile (especially Busy with the Cricky blog), to check out any posts I missed, because Dashboard confuses the heck out of me, and if the blog isn't subscribed to my email, more than likely I will miss it due to the Huge amount of blogs I have coming into my email box already!! Yep..I'm a blog wh*re. I admit it!

OH one more thing...head over HERE to Robyn's blog as she is doing a great tutorial on how to make a mini album. She is incredibly talented, I believe I have mentioned her before in regards to her unique binding techniques? HERE at Laura's blog she also has some great techniques to learn. Recently she has added U-Stream episodes, I mean how cool, your own video tutorial live! So to me..both of these AWESOME ladies are Mini album Diva's (and of course I can't forget Marion from a HERE:) ). At Laura's site you can also purchase her kits to do along with the U-stream class, so WIN-WIN! I will also add, that Robyn & Laura are the sweetest ladies as well! eyes are getting heavy.....this could be good!! Happy crafting today if you get the chance, and if not...Sweet dreams of crafting!!!!

Lisa :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yep!!! I'm still awake....

Don't forget to go HERE and become a friend of Amy Chomas on FB and follow her blog. I love the fact that she decided she wanted something for her cricut, and her & her Hubby came up with these awesome gel, sharpie holders, as well as an embossing kit! I have been lucky to "know" Amy via our MB at for about 5-6 years and have seen her kids grow up, and enjoyed her fantastic LO's that she does! She was one of the first to have the cricut on our board and was and always has been a wealth of info regarding tip/tricks for the cricut!

I know there are other sites that sell similar items for the cricut, and I have not tried the products, as well as Amy's, but having an idea of who Amy is, well, my bets are on her product. She is meticulous in everything she does, she may disagree with me, but oh well, I say OWN IT BABY!!! And she is a great Gal as well, so when I can purchase the holders, I will say I'm biased and pick Amy's product (and she has holders that are pink :) ). I'm sure there is somewhere you could find a side by side comparison, and I will try to find it, but from the comments I have read, many are happy with Amy's product! You can also head on over to Custom, I believe there are videos demonstrating the pens & sharpies. I'm going to check out the embossing kit at her blog soon. Anyways...almost forgot..she is giving away some holders on her blog, so head on over and check it out!!!

So that is my second post for today, enjoy the crafty goodness all around us, and celebrate all of our MB friends who are giving us such great inspiration and instruction!!!

Crafty Hugs,

Lisa :)

Insomnia......and EXTREME rambling about Bob Geldof....

HERE is the video I sing when I get my every 72 hours of what appears to be mandatory insomnia. I don't know why, but whenever I change my patch, "I am up all night." Sure I doze occasionally, and sometimes I actually think..I may make it to bed. I don't get it..I was pretty worn out yesterday due to trying to clean a bit in the pool. I need some sort of physical therapy for this back..I have to try, kwim. Oh well, checking blogs, watching videos, a 3am serving of corn flakes. I guess it could be worse. Not sure what the lyrics are in this song...I liked this song in the 80's, but my fav was "I don't like Mondays," and considering what a happy go lucky song that was...well I'm sure this one is probably along the same vein. So should we be happy that Bob Geldof found Ethiopia and started a movement to feed Africa and left his boomtown rats behind? Yeah, sure..the guy has done quite amount of good, and I believe even has his ex-wife's daughter (with Michael Hutchins) Tiger Lily, raising her along with his own children. I could be wrong on that point, but I do remember after she passed, he stepped up. Gotta love a Punker with a heart.

But here is a sweet photo I found on my phone, I forgot I took it, I don't have the wacky doodle phone (which my kids have, and I have no freakin' idea how to work these things!!!) so the quality not the best, but I love it anyways!!!

My Bean & Me. :)

A reminder, don't forget to stop by Joy's blog "obsessed with scrapbooking" as she has some nice coupons posted, she is so sweet to do this! Keep a watch on Tammy with Creative Critters, as I think she is headed for Chi-town for one of her new jobs as a Cricut demonstrator, COOOOOOL BEANS!

I'm hoping I have on my side bar, but if I don't, I will go ahead and get it there..or just click HERE Robyn Correa has a GORGEOUS tag and holder set, that will just have you salivating!! She used the Webster's Pages line, and it is soooo YUMMMY!!! She is one incredibly talented Chicky Mama! Also if you get a chance, watch her videos on minis with different bindings, because very easy to follow her instructions!

Crafty Hugs my friends, enjoy the day!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't forget the Cuttlebug Challenge Cricut giveaway!!!

HERE Don't forget to get over there and become a follower!!!!! They have added some extra prizes!!!! I tell ya, wouldn't it be great to win this machine!!!!

Crafty Hugs all!!!

Lisa :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Hop Last Day!!!!!

Unfortunately with all the stuff going on the past week, my son here, him leaving and then my procedure on Monday, I have been behind on my email. I was checking my email and found out about a nifty blog hop from HERE Oh and be sure and follow her link to a cute album using old tattered jeans, or as what I have is 2 lower legs from my daughter's pair of cutoffs she made the other day. Love going green with projects, and I really need to get going with it, as I have way too many cereal boxes stacked in my craft room!!! :)

So head over to this neat site HERE and start hopping!!! It is the last day, and I don't know if you can still be entered for prizes, but heck who cares, if you find something inspirational along the way...that's a prize in itself!!!!

Still in some pain today, I have a huge lump on my sacral area...OUCH! I have been having to take more meds, which make me so "BLAH." I have a bunch of projects I want to do, which would be daunting anyway, but hopefully, I can start a bit at a time today, and see what happens, wish me luck!

I also hope you check out my sidebar with a few of the fantastic blogs I follow!! Always great stuff!

Crafty Hugs all!!

Lisa :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Question, can anyone tell me why my Busy with the Cricky buttons are on top of my posts?

PUI, and some awesome cards!!!!

Today was my epidural injection, I guess the first of three. I'm feeling OK right now due to the lidocaine injected into my lower back with the steroid. I don't care what anyone says....those shots frickin hurt!!!! I try to be brave, but even when he has done the local down to the spine, it still hurts when he injects the fluids. I'm pretty much drugged up, so should be good, but I expect tonight, not so yes, I'm PUI (posting under the influence). Really not any more meds than I usually take, just an extra Lortab and Valium. I hope this works...I so want to be able to do something longer than 15 minutes at a time!!

So, if I wanted to make a card, simple card Monday at the Everyday Cricut HERE by the UDDERLY AMOOZING Joy, looks like I could maybe get one done in about my time limit, or make cuts, then do the card later. Also watch her video for sizes and great instruction, Joy makes it so easy!!!

This card HERE, by the UBER talented Susan, well, definitely a bit longer, but how darn cute is this!!! While you are there, check out her new sister blog where she is making the most adorable cakes with her new cricut cake machine!!!!
I really do not need this machine...but the fun that would ensue...I don't know..if I ever have a better disposable income again..(LOL) I may have to!!!!

Lastly, finally talked to my Son Ian yesterday. He had to trip out Saturday and had arrived back at the base Friday night at 10pm. I wanted to call him, but felt I should wait. He told me he missed me a bunch too. Love that kid!! Because of a crappy school rule, Murray wasn't able to go to Prom this past Sat., but she spent yesterday with a good guy friend, and they went and saw Avatar at the dollar movies. They are like brother & sis, so I'm happy Murray has a "brother" while hers are farther away. Heard from my oldest about a week ago, still waiting to see a pic of him & his girlfriend. I hope it works out for them, Matt is a fantastic guy, and she sounds like a sweetheart. I think it's catfish today that was caught by Dale & Ian when they went fishing, so I know I have a little channel cat with my name on it (the big ones taste way to muddy to me!!). I realize I am rambling, but as I said, PUI!!! This is what happens, like word vomit, except I guess posting vomit? I like this all the time? ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. No one needs to let me know ;).

Hope to be able to post some projects soon, please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

Happy day and Crafty Goodness Hugs!!!
Lisa :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday musings...

My pool is finally drained...Now it's time to clean. YUCK..I need to have help, (aka someone has to really do it for me :{) but don't know who will be able to do so as Murray is set on going to see Avatar...again! I know the next week is a bust because I have to take it easy, another try at the epidural shots tomorrow for my back..I can only hope :{

I hadn't posted about this much due to the fact I have been trying to process the whole thing, and it happened the day before my daughter's 18th birthday and when Ian coming to visit on leave. One of my Favorite Cousin, who happens to be named Dale as well, lost his wife Patti of 4+ years. She had a massive heart attack at home, she was 46. I am so heartbroken for my Cousin. He was married many years ago (I believe his daughter is about a year older than Murray), and his wife, well I don't know what happened, except my Cousin raised his Daughter on his own until 5 years ago. He met Patti, and she was the love of his life, and a Mother to his daughter. I want to make him a card, and have plenty of reasons of why I haven't (Ian in my craft room sleeping, Ian here..yadda yadda yadda), but the truth is..I have no words, and after dealing with the thought of losing my own Husband so young in life (he was 40 when diagnosed with rectal cancer), I think this is what is keeping me from getting the card done. So my goal today is to get a card done for my Cousin and try to convey to him how much I love him, and hurt for him. Sometimes, ya know..Life SUCKS!

Well if you are reading this rambling post, thank you, and God Bless you, because I don't know if I could! ;)

Happy Sunday, and oh yeah, we finally got an antennae for our TV, so we get local channels, yippee...cable is over-rated. (ok..I miss the Food Network channel and BBC America.) Have a fantastic week, and I will have a card to post later. :)

Crafty Hugs,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Murray's Birthday card, and sadness today :(

Well Ian went back to his base in WY today. I tried so hard not to cry but the minute he went to give me a hug...I lost it. I think I embarrassed him a bit, oh well..I didn't want him to go. Please enjoy some photos from his stay, I think one of my favs is Ian looking so thrilled to be driving a "Mom Van" and not his "sexy" jeep!!!! hehehe ;).

The card I made for Murray's birthday, I used some of my homemade glimmer mist using pearl ex powders, papers from the Asian DCWV stack, Hero Arts stamp, and have been attempting to work at my shading..I will keep trying LOL! I have markers from Marvy uchida and used the blender pen, along with some Stampin' Up inks. The scallop was cut from the Winter Woodlands cart. Also used the water threading punch, and the rick rack is from Making Memories. Thanks for looking :).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Blog Candy, and wish ROXY a Happy Anniversary!!!

Andrea Walford is offering tutorials for her awesome mini books!!! She is also offering a free tutorial to a lucky winner! So be sure and check it out! HERE

Secondly, Corrine, aka Roxy is getting ready for a cruise that will be a few days before her & Hubby's 25th "University" (my family's term for Anniversaries). As I told Roxy, my Parents would have celebrated their 50th university last November if my Mom would of lived.

It will be 5 years this May, and the pain is still there, but the laughing from remembering a simple story related to another's post sustains me and keeps her still in my heart. I wondered the other day, if my Mom was a member of FB...I truly wonder how many friends she would have (and I'm talking actual friends that she would talk to on a daily basis!!!) She was a talker alright! :)

Sorry, not my intention to go into a post about my Mom, when my intention was to get ya'll over to Roxy's blog and wish her and her Hubby a very happy "University!"

I hope all of you are having a great day!!! I'm a bit sad due to the fact that my son Ian will be going back to Warren AFB in WY tomorrow (*sniff*). I am sure going to miss him, as I know Dale & Murray will too! We have the best time!!!! I know I will see him again soon (and I have to say soon means within the next year :( ). If I was to win the lottery tomorrow...I would be visiting WY & WA (where Matt is, and the rest of my family) every weekend..I guess I wouldn't be a millionaire for very long...LOL


PS WELCOME BACK TO THE STATES ENFYS!!! Big HUGS to you, as I am sure you are already missing your Munchkins! I wish you an easy settling in, and a blessed day!!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joy from "Obsessed with Scrapbooking" & "Everyday Cricut" guest designer this week....

OH OH OH!!! Mr. Kotterrrrrrrrr! Anyone remember Horshack's call..LOL, well head over HERE to see Joy's fantastic work!!!!! I love her cards, and LO's, she is so talented, along with Mel! I won't lie...I miss seeing Tammy over at "Everyday Cricut," but you can visit her blog, it's on one of the blogs I follow "Creative Critters Cricut Club," and if you own a Gypsy, or need help with any cuts, she is your GAL!

I have to understand tho' if you ever read the 3 of their bios, or Robyn from the "Pink Stamper," all I can think is..."Dang, how do they do all of this!!!!," Actually all the ladies that have blogs that they post new projects everyday, Enfys from "Going Buggy" not only bi-continental, splitting her time between England & the, I know, back injury, but still, it would take me forever to get a card just "right" before I could actually post it, and as far as "designing" a 3d project or awesome LO, nah..that would be my linear thinking daughter Murray, I really need to post a pic of her "long house" she sat down one night and just made, no pattern, nothing..She's good at Math too. :) Which is the perfect segue into.......

MURRAY got accepted into Augusta State University!!!!! She plans on going for 2 years to get her grades back up (she is at a healthy 2.67), so hopefully some scholarships, and then onto my choice UGA, Ian's choice Duke, or Grandparents' alma mater UDUB (University of WA). Well whatever she chooses..we will be happy for her!!! So strange for me right Daughter on her way, 18, no longer my baby, but still is, Ian an adult with a calm of a Military Security Forces Airman, that I barely recognize him. And Matthew, embarking on a sweet relationship with who he says is a wonderful young lady (I completely trust Matt on this, he is a very good judge of character and would never surround himself with people who are "unhealthy" for him.) Of course according to Ian he violated "Man Code #13" by telling her the "L" word first. LOL "Man Code"..phhhhshhhhh, yep I can still slap my middle son up the side of the head (just kidding of course :))

Now some may find this next item completely inappropriate, but I can't help it, it made me laugh so hard, as well as Dale. Murray woke up the other day, with thoughts of her "Special K Strawberry Cereal" with bananas added. To her dismay, and my surprise, the bananas purchased 2 days prior (and a big bunch I will add) were gone. WHO is the banana fiend in our household you may ask..well Ian, my middle son who is with us until the 16th on leave (*sniff*), to which Murray commented "Ian is just a Potassium wh*re," OK, not what you wish to hear out of your beautiful Daughter's mouth, but at 6:30 AM, it is enough to make you giggle uncontrollably! :)

Well all, get on over to the blogs mentioned, because Joy is super generous with the blog goodies, so there is a surprise for you awaiting!!!!!

Have a fantastic day!!!!!!
Lisa :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cricut Cake give away!!!

Don't forget to stop by the Cuttlebug Challenges website to check out this post
HERE. Wouldn't it be great to win this!! Also be sure and check out Everyday Cricut, because they are giving one away as well!!!

Could you imagine with just your plain carts what you could make..the possibilities are endless...also today Melanie at Everyday Cricut shows off a YUMMY batman cupcake with a matching card. At the Cuttlebug challenges, there are a few videos to watch as well!!!

It truly is crafty goodness!

take care

Lisa : )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Blog CANDY!!!!

Head over HERE and check out the yummy blog candy the Bling Queen is giving away, the stamping solutions cart, and check out her cards...gorgeous!!!! I also believe she will be doing some guest appearances at Everyday Cricut, so be sure and check out the Saturdays there to see her lovely work!!! I was sent there by Monique, a very talented designer, and she is also giving away some goodies, you still have time to enter as she has one more day left of give aways, and oh wowser, they are AWESOME! You can go HERE to check out her goodies!!!! She is also a guest designer HERE for the week, and always has great tips and projects!! I have never ordered from Hallmark Ladybugs, but hear their service is outstanding!! Hope for a change in financial situation soon, because I love the product they are selling and hope to get an order in soon!!!!

Now for the everyday stuff, Ian my son who is in the AF is here on leave, it is so fantastic, we are having a blast hanging out, and enjoying our family time. The only person who would make this 100000% perfect (because it is pretty darn perfect already) is if my oldest son Matt was here. I just adore my kids, they are all adults now (my baby turned 18 March 31st, the day before Ian arrived, what a great birthday present for her!!!), well I think they are fantastic!! I have been blessed! Not to mention awesome step daughter & son, and 2 beautiful granddaughters. Not bad I tell ya!!!

Ian is stationed at Warren AFB in WY, so it has been a bit cold, and we had a high near 90 today..he is loving it!!! He also is enjoying the home cooking, and is very much looking forward to his Daddy Dale (my hunk of southern goodness) to make his pulled pork BBQ this Saturday. Life is pretty darn good!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Head on over to HERE to Injoy Stampin' with Robyn, and check out her yummy crafty goodness she is giving away!!!! Below is just one of the photos of the goodies. She also has a video to give a better view..oh the happiness of looking at crafty yummies!!!!! While you are watching her video, be sure and do it at You Tube, so you can subscribe to her channel. She has awesome tutorials on how to do bindings of mini books, and other very helpful hints. One of my fave channels :) Have fun!!!!!!

On a personal note, pretty quiet weekend, Murray has a nasty cold, and is slowly getting better, feel sorry for the gal. This is her birthday week, yep my baby is turning 18 March 31st. *sniff* but not for long as my son Ian is arriving on the 1st for 15 days of leave from Warren AFB. I can't wait to see him!!!!! Best birthday present Murray could ask for! (well besides a car..yeah right..LOL) Please keep us in your prayers as we are going to be going through some big changes here soon unless we get a miracle. I'm still hoping!!! I'm trying to remain positive, but the stress is beginning to wear on Dale & I a bit. I am scheduled for a procedure on the 19th of April which is a epidural shot, (I thought I had this previously, but I guess it was a nerve root block instead). I'm hoping it will work so that I can begin some sort of physical therapy (of course on my own). Guess we will have to see..but I oh so hate (yes I said hate) having needles in my back!!!

For those that read this..thanks, and I appreciate your time!


Lisa :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


They responded to my post on how to add blinkies to my blog!! I tell you all this stuff confuses the crapola out of me!!! But I am determined to carry on!!! Now if I can get some more followers, or someone to read my blog other than my oldest son who complained about me calling him a Larp guy...hmmmm LOL.

Sunday night, was feeling cruddy, been out grocery shopping, didn't take enough meds, than wasn't hungry so skipped lunch, ate dinner..bad all face is now a deep red due to little broken blood vessels all around my eyes, forehead. Ahhhh I forgot how much fun projectile vomiting can be. Hasn't really happened like that since I was preggo with my daughter (no not a possibility). Could be going around, or just too much this past weekend, as Saturday we drove 45 minutes for the Cinderella project in Aiken. They are a wonderful group of ladies from a Law firm that furnish free prom dresses & accessories to local teen girls. Murray found the perfect dress for her Senior dinner dance that night! We felt so blessed!!!! I can't say enough for how sweet and supportive these lovely ladies were. Times have been tough as I have mentioned before, but this outing was very special, and not once did we feel like "oh you poor things" type.

Here is a pic of Murray in her dress, although I have others, I will need permission to post their photos as well, the later photos, Murray's friends got a hold of her hair and makeup, although she looked very pretty when she left as well! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I was informed by my oldest son this am, that I mistakenly described him as a "role playing/larp" kind of guy...He said role playing is fine, but definitely not LARP!!!! So, I am posting this disclaimer for Matthew, and I hope you enjoy your ummmm "hanging out, "no labels" dinner and a movie with your "hanging out, no labels," beautiful lady, this weekend, 2 nights in a row, but no labels here. :) Besides the Mom teasing, I wish you a wonderful weekend with your kind new friend.

Love you Matthew, with all my heart!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obsessed with Scrapbooking?? Another give away!!!!!!

Wow, Joy is truly full of crafty goodness, and is always willing to share!!!!! I think this is a different give away, I may be wrong, but regardless, check her post HERE, and don't forget to check out "Everyday Cricut," formally "Holidays with the Cricut." Melanie & Joy (and Tammy before additional commitments wasn't able to allow her to continue with the blog, but I hope to see her back soon!!!). These Women got me through a rough Christmas season, with all their inspiration!!!!! So good luck!!!


Lisa :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Obsessed with Scrapbooking awesome card and giveaway!!!!!!!!

HERE, check it out!!!! These new SEI papers are gorgeous, so check out her blog for a chance to win, and of course her usual crafty goodness!!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Vintage crafts

I have been watching vids on You Tube this am, and found this neat video from this gal HERE, she was making some awesome flowers using a loom. I have her blog listed but the above is her website, and she does many other vintage crafts. If you are interested in watching this video, the link is HERE. Not the best quality as it was done at some sort of craft show..but you will get the idea..can you tell I have become obsessed with flowers...LOL!!!!

Also check out My Pink Stamper for some new vids, the one that she attempts to layer the SYI card is good. I know it involves trial and error, wish Cricut would get that little aspect under control, but I imagine with the Gypsy or DS you could do it by layering the layer part over the card piece for the correct cutting size? Anyone else have any ideas on this? I know this feature isn't corrected as I had the same difficulty using the card function with the squirrel, than attempting to layer the squirrel. I ended up letting it be. LOL He still turned out pretty cute.

Happy Crafting to all!


PS: still in pain, but that's the way the ball bounces, right? Hoping for some type of resolution soon...didn't help that Spanky, my "other" kid awoke me at 3am to feed him. He does this in such a special way by cleaning my hair, and digging for gosh knows what!!!! Thrilling :}

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another whine, which I should probably have cheese to go with it....

So lots of pain this week, 50mcg of fentanyl duragesic patch + lortabs, and valium, really don't seem to help much, except make me sleepy, but if I sleep too long in one position...God help me. I looked up the type of pain caused by annular tears, and I wonder what MD's they think it's a tickle, as a wise person said to me once. I guess so. I also did a test which I then enlisted my Hubby to answer the questions as well by what he observes, it's called the "Oswestry Disability Index," to what extent to it's reliability I am not sure, as it is mainly subjective. But with both of us answering the questions separately, it showed that I was 66% disabled. Nice huh? I really think I'm done playing with this, and am going to push for a diskectomy w/fusion, something that physical therapy may help? It's difficult to distinguish, is the injury causing all the depression or is the depression causing more pain. Quite the quandary, if you know what I mean. I try slow stretches, relaxation techniques, but of course with the money issues and impending doom looming over our heads, what to think. I spend time trying to be honest to say, "Ok, am I incurring more pain due to all the depression, but then when I wake up out of a sleep in extreme pain..I'm not so sure.

OK, cheese & wine is over, now for the entree'. My beautiful Daughter saw that I was in pain this am (making her lunch & oatmeal had me a bit teary), so she said "Do you need a hug??" I replied "yes" and she came over and gave a huge hug, not one of those "I'm too cool and old to hug my Mom type of hug." Then asked me if I wanted to see her Senior page. It was so special, and my Hubby (her Step-dad) wrote this incredible tribute to our Daughter. The photos we used had pics of her best friends, cousin, and brothers. (I wished we had a photo of her & her sister to include, but unfortunately did not, I'm hoping she will be here for graduation, then there will be pictures galore :) )

As for blog reading, check out Enfys blog. She has such a lovely card for Easter, and a funny story of how she attempted to feed a parking meter with muggle money and no success until a parking warden with no sense of humor came and fed it right in (I suspect wizardry going on here, sorry, rereading all the Harry Potter books!) has a fantastic guest designer in Monique Griffith, love her work, as well as Melanie, Tammy & Joy who show up as well quite often as guest designers..check out her LO's they are so intricate and gorgeous!!!!!

So trying to be positive, and I hope your day is well, and filled with happiness, and I will do my best to stay happy. In fact time for a Lortab. Happy Happy Joy Joy :{

Friday, February 19, 2010

added (small rant)

OK..every time I get up off the couch, my kitty boo Spanky gets right up where I was sitting, see I am leaning against a nice warm heating pad on my lower he manages to put his 11-12lb butt on my heating pad...and then I have to be careful to pick him up..not easy with a bad back, I usually do the "gently" push way, but he looks at me with those big ole green eyes...ugh..the guilt I feel. Spanky is the most intuitive cat I have ever owned. He knows when you are feeling icky or bad, in fact when my Hubby was going through his cancer treatments, Spanky abandoned me for awhile to take care of him. Now if I posted this already, forgive me..24/7 fentanyl patches make your head a bit fuzzy!!!!

OH!!! I updated my blog list that I follow, so be sure and check them out if you have never been to some of these sites...I think these ladies (and gentleman) are over flowing with crafty goodness, marshmallows included!!!!

okey doke..time to get oatmeal ready for the Girl. I also forgot that I have to pick out 5 pics for her senior page...hmmmm, how can I embarrass her??? J/K!!! ;)

Bona is the BOMB!!! And now I have another wish list...LOL

Haven't posted in a few days, been working on all my appeals for work, which to me seem fruitless, never knew working for the US Government could be so much fun, and if you become injured, a fatality to your career. Oh well, trying to stay chipper as can be. I'm praying for miracles now. :)

You must watch this tutorial (isn't it great how bossy I can get, I kind of like having my own blog..hehehe) HERE, I absolutely gorgeous are these flowers!!! You can see her blog HERE. Her creations are amazing, and she is definitely full of crafty goodness!!!! And don't forget to stop by My Pink Stamper, Courtney Lane designs, and Obsessed with scrapbooking, as they all have awesome previews of the new carts that Cricut is releasing..YEAH!!!!

So wish list, the flower petals, glimmer mist, and a glue gun..I have decided that maybe a glue gun would make my life a bit easier, and surely cheaper when making my flowers (this has become my new hobby, LOL),

I also changed the name of my blog, thinking the girl next door gone bad, might be confused by a late night surfer looking for porn, and then only to find crafty porn...would hate to disappoint (well not really, ewww). If it still sounds that way, someone let me know..LOL

I really need to get my stuff together today and try to work on my paperbag album that I found on "following the paper trail" So maybe, I will be able to stay away from some pain pills today and actually get something done..but sitting too long..ugh.

Hugs & Crafty Happy day!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

birthday cards, and other pretties to look at!

First off, head over to here to see some "sweet" projects using the limited edition "Love Struck" mini cart. I really didn't see a need for this cart, but after seeing what Kathy Orta from did with the hearts by way of a mini album...OH MY GOODNESS! Carol made an adorable mail box project as well. They are also having a give away for this cart. So, get your crafty bums over there and check it out!!!! :)

Here are 2 birthday cards I made for my step-daughter and ex step MIL. I'm not sure if I like them, I mean I have a plan, and then somehow, it goes askew...happens every time!! But the good thing is I did use old stash, the Rob & Bob (or Bob & Rob) paper & chipboard was purchased probably in 2006 or 2007, the K&co embellishment kit was purchased at Tuesday morning early last year, where it has sat in my craft room, with the exception of the glitter which I set free for Christmas projects. Now it is all put away, and love the kit as it co-ordinates so well with Wild Saffron, maybe now that I have used it on a card, which I also purchased the tags & matte pack (btw K&co, please learn how to really perforate the itty bitty holes in the corners of this type of stack, so they come out just a tad bit easier! grrrr ;)), I will do some other type of project with this collection....hmmmm maybe a "following the paper trail" recipe box????

So, without further cards, (still have a few more to make, 1 birthday, and 7 Valentines (thank you Lord for my cricut and wild card cartridge..phew, as I wipe the sweat off my brow). Please be gentle my fellow crafties! ;)

OH, forgot to add, visit HERE
to get some free vintage valentine images, and a contest! This is the blog for which have the greatest vintage stamps I have ever seen, and wanted with a passion! I know JoAnns sells them online, so I hope to pick up a few of these sets as soon as I can!

Have a FABU day, and enjoy the crafty goodness in your life!!! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going Buggy blog candy!!!!

Catch a HUGE wave and surf on over to!!!! First let your eyes glaze over at the beauty of these wonderful cards. Enfys is soooo talented, she is amazing!!! She is graciously giving away some YUMMY blog candy!!! I personally just want to know where to find the lovely raffia lace she uses on her cards, it's so gorgeous, and looks to be extremely versatile as well. I have seen her use it alone, and then lacing thin ribbon in the middle, ah, I tell ya, it reminds me of something vintage, I don't know if that's the right way to describe it, I just know I LOVE it!!!! She also has a fantastic video that shows different ways to make flowers, so many awesome tips. I don't know she does it, I know she is in the middle of some home improvement, plus she is Ms. February at Holidays with the cricut (Christmas with the cricut), and I am so excited as tomorrow, she is doing a mini book, I can't wait!!!

I have a few more cards to post later, want to get them out in the mail, and need photos of course (just in case the people getting the cards happen upon my blog prior to receiving them LOL!) I am happy that I have been able to do a few birthday cards, and tonight will be assembly line with my Daughter to finish her "rock candy" ipods for her friends' Valentine gifts. Will post a pic of those as well when we are finished. I'm looking forward to seeing how she does, as I only do the cutting and she does the rest. She is becoming quite the crafter!!!!

Have a fantastic day all, and will be back later. Oh and be sure and check out Split coast stampers Notebook holder tutorial made out of a file folder, it is really cute and would make a nice gift for any adult or teen. Hmmmm, I used the post link, but it didn't work..guess I will have to play around with it I guess..sorry you have to copy/paste. :(

Monday, February 8, 2010

CWUI.....A cautionary tale......

Well gentle readers, you may be wondering what CWUI stands for "crafting under the influence." I have mentioned previously that I have a wonderful (sarcasm of course) back injury, with 2 bulging discs and 2 annular tears in 1 of the discs. I guess according to some Ortho genius up in NC at Duke, the fluid that leaks from your discs can cause pain due to the "bathing" of the nerves & tissues from the disc fluid. I am giving you a back story, as many of you already know from my previous posts that I take a good amount of medication.

So, I am enjoying my blogs one morning and come across this post . I also have to mention if I haven't already, that Diane of has the BEST tutorials for cricut design studio. This gal knows her stuff!!! And she has a very easy list on her side bar for her designs. Well anyways, I decide, as I need a birthday card for my son Ian, that I want to make a similar card, but using a different punch, and trying out a different technique which I had done before (watercoloring), but never on watercolor paper. I was a bit disappointed as I really didn't get the shading right, but figured, hey it's cute. I also decided that instead of the card being vertical, I would make it horizontal. I felt at the time my design would fit better this way.

So now for my cautionary tale, DO NOT make cards while under the influence of heavy narcotics..I mean what was I thinking???? Here is a card that flops because the front of it is cut down, so it looks a bit wonky. Oh well, I did tie a piece of ribbon around the top so that he could hang it on the wall if he wished. So, not sure where the photos will turn up on this post (How do I get them to be underneath the post. Yes, as I ramble, still under the influence of my duragesic patch, so I guess I have no choice but to craft & post under the influence!! At the very least it can add 5-10 to my crafting time, which is long as I can figure out the orientation of a card!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh JOY Saturday!!!! well maybe....

Saturdays are usually my favorite time on the weekends, house is quiet, no lunches to prepare, and no trying to wake up 17 y/o teen girl. (she's not too bad, just about 2 wake up calls :) ). She sleeps in, Hubby sleeps in...quiet, yummy coffee, etc...

Today was a bit of a bust, tired all day, and achy, so I read, and rested, my legs propped on pillows, and a few times watched a few videos. (Spanky kept me company :). Which reminds me, this blog is an absolute must for all cardmakers!!!

Mary is the sweetest Gal, her videos are fun and informative, besides being so incredibly creative!!! I hope you enjoy her videos as much as I have. She has also been branching out into the wonderful world of mini albums...gotta love mini albums, I still enjoy scrapbooking, but I have to say, 3d stuff and mini albums..they are so much fun, even if that red tape stuff tends to sticks to everything you own (I have found that tape liner in my bathroom! I need scor-tape LOL).

Stampin with Roxy has PDFs available on her blog (I believe Tuesday they will be available), which is a gorgeous book with a waterfall scrapbook inside. You can see the sample on You tube, it's incredible!!! Don't forget to leave your comments on Holidays with the Cricut as you can win some awesome prizes, I make it a daily visit, because even if I don't have the cart they are using..well the ideas can be used in any type of card. Don't forget to check out the individual blogs of Melanie, Tammy, and Joy, as they have wonderful projects as well. I know I have many other great sites to list, but it's late, and I'm on my way back to You tube to watch a few more videos before bedtime!!!!

Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Late post!!!

In my wanderings amongst all my favorite subscriptions at You Tube, I happened upon an adorable card from this Stampin' Up demonstrator.

It is the cutest card using the heart shaped sweet treat cups. "Punchy, the M&M Lion."
As Tami would say "How stinkin' cute is this?" If you are looking for a demonstrator, she has some great deals on her web site, and her other tutorials are so awesome!!!!

I was thinking if you didn't have the treat cups, you could possibly use some acetate for the tummy, maybe with some brown & orange glitter?? Anyways, be sure and check out this great site!!!!

Well I got my 50mcg patch on today, I felt pressure but no pain for about 3 hours, it was wonderful!!! Now, not so good...I'm hoping it will help enough that I can cut down on the Lortabs, and valium, *sigh* No more dinner with a Lortab chaser!! I also hope it will help enough so that I can get out a bit more, and maybe craft longer than 15-20 minutes :)!!! Of course I am totally a bit out of it at times..feeling a bit gorky, but I guess until I get used to it, that is to be expected. Ok enough feeling sorry bout my self...LOL.

Nite all!!!