Monday, May 17, 2010

Murray at Honor's night!!!

Dear gentle readers,

I have posted about my daughter's difficulties with school the past few years, if not, well she had some problems when she was living in WA, because someone wasn't doing their job. Her grades suffered, as well as her personal life.

She has buckled down, and done so great. In her annual, there was a very long half page letter to her by one of the schools' most respected teachers. He was so very proud of her, and told her she would go far. This school is probably the most academically competitive school I have ever seen! Perfect for Murray. Although she did not make the honor role, except for A-B, at honors night she was presented with the award of "Outstanding in Advanced British Literature." I believe she would have had one in Physics as well, but the gal who won that award had a higher GPA. is a photo of her with her guy friends, (isn't the guy in the middle the coolest, and he is super smart too!!!! OK, he reminds me of Murray's older brother Matt, but with more hair!!!!!! LOL ), and before she lost her tassle :( . Now we get to order one ASAP before the 26th. YEAH, yes that was a sarcastic YEAH. Apparently she wasn't the only one!...LOL

Crafty Hugs, and looking for another tassle Hug,
Lisa :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life's precious moments are all around us

I mean, that is what life is all about, right..precious moments. You really need to go to The Pink Stamper's blog (or you tube Robynstamps) and check out her video. Not only is the scrap page adorable, but the best part comes at the end. I just adore her little guy, he has a voice a bit like Froggy from Our Gang, and believe me, when you see this part, you may become a bit teary like I did. My boys are men now (20 & 28), and I have to say, I was so envious for a moment when I saw Robyn & her son together. I miss those moments, but of course I have them in my heart and memories.

Yes, I am up..another patch change, another bout of insomnia..I feel like I am getting tired, it's just like not happening...freaky deaky I say! I am on my second cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea, hoping it will help, but oh well I can watch crafty videos, and also post on my blog..WOOOHOOO!

Murray brought home her annual today, and I love her quote next to her senior pic, here it is;

"If you have never said "Excuse me" to a parking meter or bashed your shins on a fire hydrant, you are probably wasting too much valuable reading time" ~ Sherri Chasin Calvo

This describes my daughter to a tee!!! She loves to read..I am lucky that way, all 3 of my children have a fantastic passion for reading. I so lucked out! LOL

I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks, my "baby" will be graduating..blows my mind...our next job is driver's license, as I may have some very important news..I mean she needs to get her license, but something may happen in our family that will require her to obtain it sooner than later. Oh I look forward to this! (NOT) I actually believe Murray will be a good driver, because she is very careful, and she may be scatterbrained like me at times, but when she focuses on's complete. So, I leave you now dear blog readers with hopes of happiness and joy for you all, (really I need to use the "loo" hehehe, I know..TMI). So I hope to be back with a post of Murray's card she made for her Grandparents...and designed herself..I am amazed!!!

Crafty Hugs,
Lisa :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, one of my favs has a million hits on her blog!!!! And if you have never been there...what the heck is wrong with you!!!!! GO to Obsessed with Scrapbooking and check out her give aways, and oh Joy, if you read this, forgot to add to my post...Thanks again for the coupons!!!!

SHE HAS SOME AWESOME PRIZES, NO LIE!!!!! And remember to head back there or go through her archives to find some great inspiration for cards & LO's. She is also part of the Everday Cricut with Melanie, and a frequent guest designer for other blogs. Does this Woman ever rest!!!! Oh how I wish I had a smidgen of her energy!!!!!

So good luck, and leave a nice comment for one sweetheart of a Lady!!!!!!

Monday Monday, so good to me...Hugs!!!

Lisa :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today was my second in a possible series of lumbar epidural shots. I am proud of myself, because I did not CRY!! yeah me! But I think I drove my Doc crazy, because in order not to think about what he was doing, I was also talking a mile a minute, plus 2 lortab, and 2 valium doesn't help my verbal vomit either. The first one didn't really do anything, so we will see what happens with this one. If it works well, I won't get the 3rd shot, but my Darling Hubby (some sarcasm, lol) said if it works then get the whole series, make sure it works well. I see his logic in this, but he isn't the one who is laying there with a needle stuck down into my sacral area. Not to mention, I need more lido than most to deaden the nerves, so of course he didn't put enough in, and when he went down the catheter to inject the medicine..I about jumped off the table! I think he believes me now, and will make sure he really deadens the space! (I hope).

I'm really tired, doped up, and had to change my patch today. I so hope I can sleep tonight, if not, I'm heading to bed here soon so I can get maybe a few hours rest.

We are doing taco salad tonight for Cinco de mayo, man I wish I could have a mexican beer...that would really top it ETOH for me tho, will all these drugs...pfffffffft.

I'm checking my email now...and just trying to get to my regular blogs to see what's going on. Who knows, if I am up all night, I wll probably get to my other blogs to add comments and see all the crafty yummies!!

Don't forget scrapguys blog and everday definitely want a chance for the awesome blog candy at these sites (see my previous posts, as well as my right hand side bar)! Plus Bryan has awesome videos posted (I can't wait to continue watching them), and Everyday Cricut's Melanie & Joy always have the cutest cards, LO's, and projects on the web! Tammy too, but she is so busy with her Gypsy projects, and such, you will have to visit her at the crafty critters cricut club (I typed that from memory, and as my memory not greatest....LOL).

Happy Happy day,
Lisa, "I have a pain in upper butt" Sturgill :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Blog...thanks Enfys!!!

It's hard to keep up with Enfys' blogs that she is on the design team, there are so many!!! And rightly so!! I love her eclectic style, it is so inspiring!!!! Well, you have to check out this fun blog "Get Funky" (see blinky to the right! :) ). It is truly a fun blog, and I think I am going to go for a challenge today..I am going to make my back behave, and make a shape card to share on the blog!!! I love shape cards, one of the reason's I had to get the WC cartridge! But now that is not enough..I want "just because cards" too!!! LOL...I think a crafter can NEVER have enough carts!

Please remember to check out the post prior to this one as I'm not sure how to keep it on the top, blog + me = complete cornfusion!!!! ;) Well we all have to learn somewhere, right!!!

Crafty shapely card Hugs!!!
Lisa :)

Where in the world is Bryan the ScrapGuy??????????

Bryan is sharing on his blog this week his trip to Southeast Asia & India, I mean, COOL BRYAN!!!!!!!! He is also sharing what I am sure will be yummy exotic blog candy, so be sure and head over
THERE every day this week to see all the I could post a pic of his GRAND PRIZE, but I don't want to steal his thunder and shimmery goodness!!! So you are going to have to see for yourself!!! ; ). I'm excited to see where he visited, his pics, and his videos...and keep singing the theme song from "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego!" My Son Matt who is turning 28 this June loved that show!!!'s late I digress! LOL Have fun!

Curry Spicy Hugs!!!

Lisa :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everyday Cricut Give-away, NEW EXPRESSION!!!!

You definitely are going to want to go HERE and leave a comment, and look at your other chances to win a new Expression!!!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I tell ya, those Gals are super generous! Don't know if I posted here or not, but Wendy aka Bling Queen is a guest designer here with some fantastic ideas for the Grads in your family or friends! Goodness knows this is close to my heart this year!!! May 26th is coming up awfully fast! Hope you all had a fantastic National Scrapbooking day!!!!

Crafty Hugs!
Lisa :)

Happy National ScrapBook DAY!!!!!!!

Do you have special plans today??? Plenty of the blogs (you can click on a few to the right) are having fun challenges, give-aways, and all around good times today, so check them out!!!!

My thanks go out to the Robyns, Joy, Melanie, Tammy, Enfys, Kathy, Laura, Bryan and a host of others who make scrapbooking/cardmaking so much fun!!! Oh man, this reminds me...Mary of Cardcrazy09, I need to get her link on my blog!!!! She also has some fun going on today as well! Off to check out the blogs and see whats going on with my internet Crafty Goodness friends!!!!!

Have a fun day, create if you can, oh enjoy the awesome ideas and projects going on today!!!!

Lisa :)