Friday, February 26, 2010

Vintage crafts

I have been watching vids on You Tube this am, and found this neat video from this gal HERE, she was making some awesome flowers using a loom. I have her blog listed but the above is her website, and she does many other vintage crafts. If you are interested in watching this video, the link is HERE. Not the best quality as it was done at some sort of craft show..but you will get the idea..can you tell I have become obsessed with flowers...LOL!!!!

Also check out My Pink Stamper for some new vids, the one that she attempts to layer the SYI card is good. I know it involves trial and error, wish Cricut would get that little aspect under control, but I imagine with the Gypsy or DS you could do it by layering the layer part over the card piece for the correct cutting size? Anyone else have any ideas on this? I know this feature isn't corrected as I had the same difficulty using the card function with the squirrel, than attempting to layer the squirrel. I ended up letting it be. LOL He still turned out pretty cute.

Happy Crafting to all!


PS: still in pain, but that's the way the ball bounces, right? Hoping for some type of resolution soon...didn't help that Spanky, my "other" kid awoke me at 3am to feed him. He does this in such a special way by cleaning my hair, and digging for gosh knows what!!!! Thrilling :}

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