Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Missing my Boys, my Hubby's kids, Grandbabies, and my blossoming College student...

WOW, I miss my boys, and wish they would send me some photos!!! Sometimes all I feel like is that I have one child, instead of 5! (So Matt, Ian, Anna, and Andrew, PICS please!!!) I would really like to see a photo of Matt and his young lady! I also hope he has received his card that was sent late, and then came back to us, then sent out again...nice to have a birthday gift approximately 4 months after the fact!!!

Ian calls, and seems to be doing well, sometimes I just can't tell. I worry about him at times. He is my Bean, and well, what am I saying..I worry about all of them!!!

We had a relief yesterday when a fugitive who is being charged with beating a poor woman at a convenience store within an inch of her life (she is still in the hospital), and a suspect in a double murder in SC finally caught! Guess where...about 1 mile from our house!!! Apparently he had been hiding in a vacant house, and the woods around our house..Scary for the last 4-5 days knowing he had been seen in our area!!!! Praise God he was caught the night before last!

I have to talk about my Daughter Murray! What a change in her! She has taken to college life like a fish to water! She is gaining her independence, changing her style, enjoying the lectures, and all college academics have to offer! She also has changed her room into a type of dorm room with accents of fuchsia, purple, and green. Organization has become her goal along with eating better and getting exercise in the am 3x a week at the college gym. In fact...I WANT HER ROOM!!!! LOL It is so inviting with a wonderful beanbag chair which she can sit with her lap top and study. I have decided we need to look for green, fuchsia, purple, and black striped material to make her curtains and possibly a bed skirt. She isn't sure if she wants the frame she wants, platform bed, loft bed, or futon. We have also talked about a cheap alternative to when she does (if she transfers to another college for her last two years, depending on scholarships and such) using black clear sterilite contatiners for clothes storage. She really went out of her "color" fear and has been incorporating more in her wardrobe as well. *sigh* my baby is growing up! I'm sharing a few pics of her because she looks too cute!

I have a question for experienced bloggers as well in addition to my ramblings! If I have a follower that I don't know, can I block them?

Now for me...I might have mentioned I have been reading quite a bit. One book that truly made me completely satisfied and in a sense wishing to experience the same was "My Life in France" by Julia Child. I decided to read the book after seeing Julia/Julie. I enjoyed the movie, but would have enjoyed it much more if it was all about Julia! What a fascinating writer she was! Her recall for detail was exquisite (I know...strange word, but the only one I can think of!). She described meals as I would describe a movie I may have seen at least a dozen times, and she even remembered the wines served! Amazing! It is truly a "Yummy" read! So I completely suggest this book for those who love to cook, love food, and who will become inspired to visit France for the different regions, and tastes.

That's all for now...wishing you all a blessed day!

Lisa : )

Murray and her "Toms" which she was gifted by her friend's Mom. Great shoe company, as for every pair sold, a pair is donated to a child in Africa! The next is Murray's "grey look," as she is into coordinating everything these days, which I also noticed this pic has the exact same shirt in the first photo, I believe this shirt is her fav! LOL She found the shoes at Academy sports and thought with a gray tank top and her ripped "jeggings" would look good I think she looks great! She even found some steel grey nail polish and eye shadow to complete the look! Anyhoo, my baby, college freshman, beginning her adulthood. I couldn't be prouder!!!! :)

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