Friday, April 23, 2010

Insomnia......and EXTREME rambling about Bob Geldof....

HERE is the video I sing when I get my every 72 hours of what appears to be mandatory insomnia. I don't know why, but whenever I change my patch, "I am up all night." Sure I doze occasionally, and sometimes I actually think..I may make it to bed. I don't get it..I was pretty worn out yesterday due to trying to clean a bit in the pool. I need some sort of physical therapy for this back..I have to try, kwim. Oh well, checking blogs, watching videos, a 3am serving of corn flakes. I guess it could be worse. Not sure what the lyrics are in this song...I liked this song in the 80's, but my fav was "I don't like Mondays," and considering what a happy go lucky song that was...well I'm sure this one is probably along the same vein. So should we be happy that Bob Geldof found Ethiopia and started a movement to feed Africa and left his boomtown rats behind? Yeah, sure..the guy has done quite amount of good, and I believe even has his ex-wife's daughter (with Michael Hutchins) Tiger Lily, raising her along with his own children. I could be wrong on that point, but I do remember after she passed, he stepped up. Gotta love a Punker with a heart.

But here is a sweet photo I found on my phone, I forgot I took it, I don't have the wacky doodle phone (which my kids have, and I have no freakin' idea how to work these things!!!) so the quality not the best, but I love it anyways!!!

My Bean & Me. :)

A reminder, don't forget to stop by Joy's blog "obsessed with scrapbooking" as she has some nice coupons posted, she is so sweet to do this! Keep a watch on Tammy with Creative Critters, as I think she is headed for Chi-town for one of her new jobs as a Cricut demonstrator, COOOOOOL BEANS!

I'm hoping I have on my side bar, but if I don't, I will go ahead and get it there..or just click HERE Robyn Correa has a GORGEOUS tag and holder set, that will just have you salivating!! She used the Webster's Pages line, and it is soooo YUMMMY!!! She is one incredibly talented Chicky Mama! Also if you get a chance, watch her videos on minis with different bindings, because very easy to follow her instructions!

Crafty Hugs my friends, enjoy the day!!

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