Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Hop Last Day!!!!!

Unfortunately with all the stuff going on the past week, my son here, him leaving and then my procedure on Monday, I have been behind on my email. I was checking my email and found out about a nifty blog hop from HERE Oh and be sure and follow her link to a cute album using old tattered jeans, or as what I have is 2 lower legs from my daughter's pair of cutoffs she made the other day. Love going green with projects, and I really need to get going with it, as I have way too many cereal boxes stacked in my craft room!!! :)

So head over to this neat site HERE and start hopping!!! It is the last day, and I don't know if you can still be entered for prizes, but heck who cares, if you find something inspirational along the way...that's a prize in itself!!!!

Still in some pain today, I have a huge lump on my sacral area...OUCH! I have been having to take more meds, which make me so "BLAH." I have a bunch of projects I want to do, which would be daunting anyway, but hopefully, I can start a bit at a time today, and see what happens, wish me luck!

I also hope you check out my sidebar with a few of the fantastic blogs I follow!! Always great stuff!

Crafty Hugs all!!

Lisa :)


  1. Thanks for posting about the blog hop! Appreciate it!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for linking me up and for playing along with the blog hop. Sorry to hear you're in pain--yuck! Please let me know when you get a chance to make a journal (or anything out of old blue jeans); I'd love to see it!!

  3. Hi, thanks for the comment!! I am going to have to save the jeans before my daughter writes on them anymore tho...LOL..Had to quit after the blog hop yesterday, then slept the rest of the day, ugh! Still painful, but my Doc did say it may take more shots to make a difference. Really enjoyed the hop yesterday, and was excited to find so many new blogs to follow!!! You gals are AWESOME and so talented!!!!

  4. Thanks Carla, loved your blog hop, it was a blast!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll did fantastic, and now I have more blogs to oooh and ahhh over!!!! Love the inspiration!!!!

    Crafty Hugs!!