Thursday, April 29, 2010

A card I put together...

Here is a card I started last evening and finished today. It's inspired by a card that I viewed HERE. Tami always has great card tutorials, and ideas. I attempted to try the faux layering technique, and then I glimmer misted (my home made version) all the layers. I realized the 2 patterned papers I used as layers were not that visible, so made me a bit unhappy, but otherwise happy with the way it turned out.

Supplies used:
SU and Recollections CS
K&Co small stack Tim Coffey
My homemade glimmer mist
EK success punch
Chestnut Roan chalk ink
Autumn Leaves & unknown stamp set (sentiment)
prima flowers
unknown crystal brad
scissors to try and distress edges of paper..LOL try being the operative word here!

Thanks for looking! :)
Happy Friday and hoping ya'll have a fantastic weekend

ETA: I found another blog to follow (no surprise!) HERE. The blog is GORGEOUS!!!! I love vintage LO's and I myself have tons of old family photos to scrap (and have already done a few), she does a fabu job!!! Check it out, and check out the Crafty Secrets web site, they sell vintage goodies, and I am so in love with their Kewpie stamps!!! Anyways, all for now! Yeah, you may have figured it out..Fentanyl patch change today *sigh* I hope I get tired at some point. LOL


  1. Lisa, I hope you don't mind me posting this here. I couldn't find your e-mail address and anyway with a bit of bad weather in my region this week we have sporadic interwebs (so this might not post as it is).

    I'm here to thank you for posting your note at Everyday Cricut. You've reminded many people that while our moms, mothers and mas might make us pull our hair out at times, we certainly rely on their presence.

    No matter if we're little girls or old women -- the passing of our "mom" is a loss felt for a lifetime. Even my 65-plus-year-old mom was sighing the other day that she just wishes she could talk to her mother.

    So, here's a little cyber hug from a Nevada resident missing her Idaho mom. Both of us are wishing you a peaceful Spring with many memories of love and fun with your mom.

  2. Thank you CuddlyBunny, this is very kind and sweet of you. I do miss her horribly. My Mom would drive me nuts sometimes with tales of how she had found pork loin on sale, then go on to describe all the meals she would be and had already made (put in the freezer LOL). I never thought I would miss her talking about pork loin!

    I do apologize for rambling, I wear a 50mcg narcotic pain patch that I change every 72 hours, and for some weird reason..I have insomnia the day I change it. I have 2 bulging discs as well as two tears in one of my discs that is leaking out fluid that "bathes" my nerves. It feels like I have a vice grip around my lower back. Anywhoo, I think I ramble because I also need to take other narcotics to control break-through pain. Wow..I really am rambling!!!! At my regular message board (which reminds me I need to put a link up here!), they tease me continuously for PUI. (posting under the influence ;) ).

    But again, thank you for your kind thoughts, hugs, & kind words. I so loved Joy's card, but seeing anything to do with Mom's day, I get so sad. I also visited your blog hoping I would be able to find your email, but posted here so not to confuse anyone...LOL! The date, cream cheese and bacon bites, look so got a follower! Crafts & yummy recipes, my favorite things!!!

    Crafty Hugs to you & your Mom, and wishing you the happiest Mommy Day!

    Lisa :)