Monday, October 5, 2009

Pain Pain go away....

My daughter walked out the door this am for "success day" looking like every 16 y/o boys' idea of the "sexy librarian" Lord help me. We start sewing the crayon sewing tonight, last night was spent trying to figure out how to cut the damn thing out. no pattern, and my sewing machine & serger literally have cobwebs. I haven't sewn for so long. I used to when she & her younger brother were babies/toddlers. They had cute outfits completely out of the ordinary. I know..a crayon, should be easy right! I know we will figure it out, at least I got heat & bond on the material for the letters, and the block the letters go on, so YEAH ME!

Now about my darling daughter. She wanted me to iron her shirt for success day today...hmmm..she is sitting there telling me to make sure I get the ruffles just so..I'm thinking, what do you know about ironing, have you ever, so I ask..she says, "well yes." OK granted, the kid hasn't really had a Mom around for 3 years, maybe some who have tried to be Mommy, but not me...and she is taking full advantage of it. Which part of me doesn't mind, but I am beginning to think...well actually, will continue to do stuff for her, as long as she shows some interest in cooking (she will need to when she is off on her own), and of course the catch up with school, the searching for scholarships, and nothing less than a 90. Many may say this is putting too much pressure on her, well when a 90 is not difficult for this chicky to obtain due to a high IQ, I'm actually setting the bar low. She spent the last 2 years not attending school regularly, and went from a 3.9 something to a 0.7. pretty sad, so I know she is capable.

This am, I woke up in the chair again...which meant my back was spasming up the yahoo,, medication, then my darling daughter calling me to tell me to go to work. I am basically being screwed by the department of labor and dept. of defense. This injury happened at work, and I continue to suffer the consequences. Pain is everyday along with spasms, making dinner is a horrible chore even if I love to cook, and the rest of the stuff, crafting, the ironing, and have no idea about the sewing..who knows...I may find my self spasmed into eternity. Hard to remain positive with ongoing pain, but I try. And I know this post is full of all sorts of happy goodness, isn't it?

For any Crafters, be sure and check out the Christmas with the Cricut is amazing, along with My Pink Stamper. Which brings me to the next thing I have been thinking about...not to put down all the hard working "stars" of the Scrapbooking industry, but I think they have been replaced by these wonderful talented bloggers with flip cameras. Making videos for the masses, not worried about messing up, sharing a passion, and not for the money, just for the love. That is where scrapping is going..and I think the industry understands that with many (provo craft really jumping on board) donating items to these talented ladies who in turn pass on the love.

I happen to love reminds me of a huge quilting circle..except in a electronic world. We learn more about these ladies and don't have to hear about the crap that goes along with the stacys, heidis, CK's possibly "fixed" contests. I think this trend became apparent when the Smack blog closed...not much to do except make fun of people, which in it self was stupid and nasty. You can't smack these bloggers who are having fun with their flip cameras, because they are just doing their thing, and sharing the love of the craft. Well hope that all made sense, off to check out my videos, oh yeah, Creations with Christina is another fav blog. She makes gorgeous Cards, and Cards of the week, shows an entire list of places to hang out and find more great sites!!

Take care to any poor soul who comes across this thing.

Lisa : )

Sunday, September 27, 2009

To be continued....

I guess it would be nice to mention that I have 2 sons, a stepdaughter who has given us 2 gorgeous grandchildren (girls). Son #1 is my teen pregnancy and well worth the whole drama. He is 27 and a great guy!!!! He is a bit of a role playing/larp kind of guy, and I love him to pieces! Son #2 is 19, and an Airman in the USAF! I couldn't be more proud! He is a sweetheart, and did I mention that both of these young men I have the privilege to call my sons love their youngest sister to the ends of the earth and will do anything to ensure her happiness! So I must have done something right as my oldest is from my first marriage, and the younger two are from my 2nd marriage. You would never know they have different Dads, they are that tight! This makes me a very lucky Mom.

As for my Grandbabies..another bonus!!! Their Mom is great, along with their Dad, and we are lucky to have them in our lives. My Stepson is doing well at times, and hopefully will continue to build his relationship with my Husband, (due to issues from childhood). All in all, a pretty fantastic blended family, not perfect, but makes life well worth it!

Blogging???? what do I do? I guess I could share all the trauma in my life, or my love for crafting, or quote some long gone babbling English poet..but I guess for now..Hello, my name is Lisa, I'm old, I have a daughter who returned home from another state after a not so nice experience, and getting used to having a 17 y/o young woman, instead of my 14 y/o empathetic daughter. Don't get me wrong..she is still empathetic, but seems so brought down. I can only hope for the best, and help her become the wonderful young woman who I know she is. I guess in later dates I will tell the rest of the story, teen pregnancy, alcohol, multiple marriages (never wanted to be the Elizabeth Taylor of my family), and then of course, nursing and back injuries. All this taking care of my dear beloved husband with rectal cancer. Sh*t happens of course..but dang..we seem to own a herd of cows at this moment, and they are not particular where they do their thang. That's all for now..I'm on my way to read more interesting and nicer blogs. If you find this...I advise you to go life is better, I'm not pathetic, and go along your happy day. Have a great one!