Thursday, April 29, 2010

A card I put together...

Here is a card I started last evening and finished today. It's inspired by a card that I viewed HERE. Tami always has great card tutorials, and ideas. I attempted to try the faux layering technique, and then I glimmer misted (my home made version) all the layers. I realized the 2 patterned papers I used as layers were not that visible, so made me a bit unhappy, but otherwise happy with the way it turned out.

Supplies used:
SU and Recollections CS
K&Co small stack Tim Coffey
My homemade glimmer mist
EK success punch
Chestnut Roan chalk ink
Autumn Leaves & unknown stamp set (sentiment)
prima flowers
unknown crystal brad
scissors to try and distress edges of paper..LOL try being the operative word here!

Thanks for looking! :)
Happy Friday and hoping ya'll have a fantastic weekend

ETA: I found another blog to follow (no surprise!) HERE. The blog is GORGEOUS!!!! I love vintage LO's and I myself have tons of old family photos to scrap (and have already done a few), she does a fabu job!!! Check it out, and check out the Crafty Secrets web site, they sell vintage goodies, and I am so in love with their Kewpie stamps!!! Anyways, all for now! Yeah, you may have figured it out..Fentanyl patch change today *sigh* I hope I get tired at some point. LOL

OK, so had to post this, no matter how much I embarrass myself....

You really need to see if you can watch a video of this segment, I hope there is one!!!! HERE

Just to let you know, Sarah Silverman was a bedwetter, and she tells a story of a sleepover at 6 years old and having an wetting her sleeping bag. She talks about trying to ignore it, get ready like everyone else, and the Mom coming out, steps on the sleeping bag, and screams "Who did this!!!!" but Sarah is saved by the Dad coming in the room and stating "Elvis just Died!!" So Sarah saved.

Now for my story. I was not a bedwetter. BUT, when I was about 6 (same age, imagine that), my Mom, Kenny (my younger brother) & I were getting ready to go somewhere in her convertible monster of a car. While she was backing out of the driveway, she started to run over a bike left in the driveway by one of my brothers. Well she got out of the car, and went to move the bike. Somehow, I don't know what happened, but the car began to back up, knocked her down, and ran over her legs at the knee level. I still have the image of her face as I was looking down and the sound of her wail as the car ran over her. (Now I will say, only my Mom could manage to run herself over with her own car, this is how her life was, very ironic!). Just a note, I was crying, my younger brother leaned over and turned the car off as we went into our neighbors driveway.

Now..My Dad was working in Portland OR, and with my Mom in the hospital I went to spend the night with our neighbors and my Mom's close friend Vanda. I slept with her Daughter who was a tween at the time. Well I wet the bed. I was so ashamed! Vanda asked me, with a disgusted accusatory look on her face, "Did you wet the bed?", I said "no" and I'm sure with a look of absolute horror on my face.

So you may wonder, what does this have to do with anything...WTF is wrong with adults!!! I mean my Mom had just been run over by her car which I witnessed, traumatic much?????? Poor Sarah was so devastated by the Mother's reaction, her question was the same, why would an adult try to embarrass a child in that way.

So my friends...if someone has an accident at your house...quietly remove the evidence, maybe discuss it with the child's parent..but don't yell it to the world or confront them...we felt bad enough!

And unfortunately for me...Elvis hadn't died yet.

Robyn's tutorials and Pink Stamper's chic card!!

HERE at Robyn's blog you can view the continued tutorial on how to make a paperbag album. If you have never made one, now is the time, super easy, super fun! She gives great tips on how to prepare the bags, how to organize your supplies, and fantastic general good info! Then be sure to head on over to HERE OH, imagine this..another talented Robyn!!!!!! Love when she breaks out the Forever Young cart..she makes the chiciest (is that a word..LOL) cards with this cart! LUCKY KARLEE!

If you are a Gypsy user....OH BOY!!! Tammy Skinner from Cricut Critters is THE Dear ABBY of the GYPSY!!!! How cool is that!!! She just got back from CHI-Town for a weekend of instruction for demonstrating Cricut products possibly in your neighborhood. Wish she was coming here, would love to meet and learn from her!! She is one of the sweetest people I have "met" on the internet!!!

Happy crafting Friends,
Lisa :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Buzzin' Blog Hop!!!

You need to go HERE and take in all the fantastic projects by these Gals!!! There is blog candy as well, but the best part is the use of the iconic Bee...ADORABLE, I think almost every cricut cart has a bee cut, so no excuses not to get in on the fun!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I'm awake again! Gotta love fentanyl patches, oh well, going to try to doze soon, hopefully catch a few zzzzzzzzs. Murray's lunch is made, as well as the coffee, ready to go, my chores, whooopie!!! I attempted to go for a walk today, I was kind of having a bad day emotionally. Usually if I don't think about this whole back, work, etc.. situation, I'm OK, yes I know some avoidance there, but it's a coping thing. Today it didn't work, so I cut up two apples, got my water bottle, and left, I'm not sure how far or how long I was gone, but I do know, too much. I don't know why I can't give myself a break and do a bit at a time, noooo I have to prove something, but to who or whom (? :) ), I don't know. Whelp, not an exciting post I know..and really try this blog hop, they can be a lot of fun!!!! I find new blogs to follow and usually end up hanging for awhile (especially Busy with the Cricky blog), to check out any posts I missed, because Dashboard confuses the heck out of me, and if the blog isn't subscribed to my email, more than likely I will miss it due to the Huge amount of blogs I have coming into my email box already!! Yep..I'm a blog wh*re. I admit it!

OH one more thing...head over HERE to Robyn's blog as she is doing a great tutorial on how to make a mini album. She is incredibly talented, I believe I have mentioned her before in regards to her unique binding techniques? HERE at Laura's blog she also has some great techniques to learn. Recently she has added U-Stream episodes, I mean how cool, your own video tutorial live! So to me..both of these AWESOME ladies are Mini album Diva's (and of course I can't forget Marion from a HERE:) ). At Laura's site you can also purchase her kits to do along with the U-stream class, so WIN-WIN! I will also add, that Robyn & Laura are the sweetest ladies as well! eyes are getting heavy.....this could be good!! Happy crafting today if you get the chance, and if not...Sweet dreams of crafting!!!!

Lisa :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yep!!! I'm still awake....

Don't forget to go HERE and become a friend of Amy Chomas on FB and follow her blog. I love the fact that she decided she wanted something for her cricut, and her & her Hubby came up with these awesome gel, sharpie holders, as well as an embossing kit! I have been lucky to "know" Amy via our MB at for about 5-6 years and have seen her kids grow up, and enjoyed her fantastic LO's that she does! She was one of the first to have the cricut on our board and was and always has been a wealth of info regarding tip/tricks for the cricut!

I know there are other sites that sell similar items for the cricut, and I have not tried the products, as well as Amy's, but having an idea of who Amy is, well, my bets are on her product. She is meticulous in everything she does, she may disagree with me, but oh well, I say OWN IT BABY!!! And she is a great Gal as well, so when I can purchase the holders, I will say I'm biased and pick Amy's product (and she has holders that are pink :) ). I'm sure there is somewhere you could find a side by side comparison, and I will try to find it, but from the comments I have read, many are happy with Amy's product! You can also head on over to Custom, I believe there are videos demonstrating the pens & sharpies. I'm going to check out the embossing kit at her blog soon. Anyways...almost forgot..she is giving away some holders on her blog, so head on over and check it out!!!

So that is my second post for today, enjoy the crafty goodness all around us, and celebrate all of our MB friends who are giving us such great inspiration and instruction!!!

Crafty Hugs,

Lisa :)

Insomnia......and EXTREME rambling about Bob Geldof....

HERE is the video I sing when I get my every 72 hours of what appears to be mandatory insomnia. I don't know why, but whenever I change my patch, "I am up all night." Sure I doze occasionally, and sometimes I actually think..I may make it to bed. I don't get it..I was pretty worn out yesterday due to trying to clean a bit in the pool. I need some sort of physical therapy for this back..I have to try, kwim. Oh well, checking blogs, watching videos, a 3am serving of corn flakes. I guess it could be worse. Not sure what the lyrics are in this song...I liked this song in the 80's, but my fav was "I don't like Mondays," and considering what a happy go lucky song that was...well I'm sure this one is probably along the same vein. So should we be happy that Bob Geldof found Ethiopia and started a movement to feed Africa and left his boomtown rats behind? Yeah, sure..the guy has done quite amount of good, and I believe even has his ex-wife's daughter (with Michael Hutchins) Tiger Lily, raising her along with his own children. I could be wrong on that point, but I do remember after she passed, he stepped up. Gotta love a Punker with a heart.

But here is a sweet photo I found on my phone, I forgot I took it, I don't have the wacky doodle phone (which my kids have, and I have no freakin' idea how to work these things!!!) so the quality not the best, but I love it anyways!!!

My Bean & Me. :)

A reminder, don't forget to stop by Joy's blog "obsessed with scrapbooking" as she has some nice coupons posted, she is so sweet to do this! Keep a watch on Tammy with Creative Critters, as I think she is headed for Chi-town for one of her new jobs as a Cricut demonstrator, COOOOOOL BEANS!

I'm hoping I have on my side bar, but if I don't, I will go ahead and get it there..or just click HERE Robyn Correa has a GORGEOUS tag and holder set, that will just have you salivating!! She used the Webster's Pages line, and it is soooo YUMMMY!!! She is one incredibly talented Chicky Mama! Also if you get a chance, watch her videos on minis with different bindings, because very easy to follow her instructions!

Crafty Hugs my friends, enjoy the day!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't forget the Cuttlebug Challenge Cricut giveaway!!!

HERE Don't forget to get over there and become a follower!!!!! They have added some extra prizes!!!! I tell ya, wouldn't it be great to win this machine!!!!

Crafty Hugs all!!!

Lisa :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Hop Last Day!!!!!

Unfortunately with all the stuff going on the past week, my son here, him leaving and then my procedure on Monday, I have been behind on my email. I was checking my email and found out about a nifty blog hop from HERE Oh and be sure and follow her link to a cute album using old tattered jeans, or as what I have is 2 lower legs from my daughter's pair of cutoffs she made the other day. Love going green with projects, and I really need to get going with it, as I have way too many cereal boxes stacked in my craft room!!! :)

So head over to this neat site HERE and start hopping!!! It is the last day, and I don't know if you can still be entered for prizes, but heck who cares, if you find something inspirational along the way...that's a prize in itself!!!!

Still in some pain today, I have a huge lump on my sacral area...OUCH! I have been having to take more meds, which make me so "BLAH." I have a bunch of projects I want to do, which would be daunting anyway, but hopefully, I can start a bit at a time today, and see what happens, wish me luck!

I also hope you check out my sidebar with a few of the fantastic blogs I follow!! Always great stuff!

Crafty Hugs all!!

Lisa :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Question, can anyone tell me why my Busy with the Cricky buttons are on top of my posts?

PUI, and some awesome cards!!!!

Today was my epidural injection, I guess the first of three. I'm feeling OK right now due to the lidocaine injected into my lower back with the steroid. I don't care what anyone says....those shots frickin hurt!!!! I try to be brave, but even when he has done the local down to the spine, it still hurts when he injects the fluids. I'm pretty much drugged up, so should be good, but I expect tonight, not so yes, I'm PUI (posting under the influence). Really not any more meds than I usually take, just an extra Lortab and Valium. I hope this works...I so want to be able to do something longer than 15 minutes at a time!!

So, if I wanted to make a card, simple card Monday at the Everyday Cricut HERE by the UDDERLY AMOOZING Joy, looks like I could maybe get one done in about my time limit, or make cuts, then do the card later. Also watch her video for sizes and great instruction, Joy makes it so easy!!!

This card HERE, by the UBER talented Susan, well, definitely a bit longer, but how darn cute is this!!! While you are there, check out her new sister blog where she is making the most adorable cakes with her new cricut cake machine!!!!
I really do not need this machine...but the fun that would ensue...I don't know..if I ever have a better disposable income again..(LOL) I may have to!!!!

Lastly, finally talked to my Son Ian yesterday. He had to trip out Saturday and had arrived back at the base Friday night at 10pm. I wanted to call him, but felt I should wait. He told me he missed me a bunch too. Love that kid!! Because of a crappy school rule, Murray wasn't able to go to Prom this past Sat., but she spent yesterday with a good guy friend, and they went and saw Avatar at the dollar movies. They are like brother & sis, so I'm happy Murray has a "brother" while hers are farther away. Heard from my oldest about a week ago, still waiting to see a pic of him & his girlfriend. I hope it works out for them, Matt is a fantastic guy, and she sounds like a sweetheart. I think it's catfish today that was caught by Dale & Ian when they went fishing, so I know I have a little channel cat with my name on it (the big ones taste way to muddy to me!!). I realize I am rambling, but as I said, PUI!!! This is what happens, like word vomit, except I guess posting vomit? I like this all the time? ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. No one needs to let me know ;).

Hope to be able to post some projects soon, please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

Happy day and Crafty Goodness Hugs!!!
Lisa :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday musings...

My pool is finally drained...Now it's time to clean. YUCK..I need to have help, (aka someone has to really do it for me :{) but don't know who will be able to do so as Murray is set on going to see Avatar...again! I know the next week is a bust because I have to take it easy, another try at the epidural shots tomorrow for my back..I can only hope :{

I hadn't posted about this much due to the fact I have been trying to process the whole thing, and it happened the day before my daughter's 18th birthday and when Ian coming to visit on leave. One of my Favorite Cousin, who happens to be named Dale as well, lost his wife Patti of 4+ years. She had a massive heart attack at home, she was 46. I am so heartbroken for my Cousin. He was married many years ago (I believe his daughter is about a year older than Murray), and his wife, well I don't know what happened, except my Cousin raised his Daughter on his own until 5 years ago. He met Patti, and she was the love of his life, and a Mother to his daughter. I want to make him a card, and have plenty of reasons of why I haven't (Ian in my craft room sleeping, Ian here..yadda yadda yadda), but the truth is..I have no words, and after dealing with the thought of losing my own Husband so young in life (he was 40 when diagnosed with rectal cancer), I think this is what is keeping me from getting the card done. So my goal today is to get a card done for my Cousin and try to convey to him how much I love him, and hurt for him. Sometimes, ya know..Life SUCKS!

Well if you are reading this rambling post, thank you, and God Bless you, because I don't know if I could! ;)

Happy Sunday, and oh yeah, we finally got an antennae for our TV, so we get local channels, yippee...cable is over-rated. (ok..I miss the Food Network channel and BBC America.) Have a fantastic week, and I will have a card to post later. :)

Crafty Hugs,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Murray's Birthday card, and sadness today :(

Well Ian went back to his base in WY today. I tried so hard not to cry but the minute he went to give me a hug...I lost it. I think I embarrassed him a bit, oh well..I didn't want him to go. Please enjoy some photos from his stay, I think one of my favs is Ian looking so thrilled to be driving a "Mom Van" and not his "sexy" jeep!!!! hehehe ;).

The card I made for Murray's birthday, I used some of my homemade glimmer mist using pearl ex powders, papers from the Asian DCWV stack, Hero Arts stamp, and have been attempting to work at my shading..I will keep trying LOL! I have markers from Marvy uchida and used the blender pen, along with some Stampin' Up inks. The scallop was cut from the Winter Woodlands cart. Also used the water threading punch, and the rick rack is from Making Memories. Thanks for looking :).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Blog Candy, and wish ROXY a Happy Anniversary!!!

Andrea Walford is offering tutorials for her awesome mini books!!! She is also offering a free tutorial to a lucky winner! So be sure and check it out! HERE

Secondly, Corrine, aka Roxy is getting ready for a cruise that will be a few days before her & Hubby's 25th "University" (my family's term for Anniversaries). As I told Roxy, my Parents would have celebrated their 50th university last November if my Mom would of lived.

It will be 5 years this May, and the pain is still there, but the laughing from remembering a simple story related to another's post sustains me and keeps her still in my heart. I wondered the other day, if my Mom was a member of FB...I truly wonder how many friends she would have (and I'm talking actual friends that she would talk to on a daily basis!!!) She was a talker alright! :)

Sorry, not my intention to go into a post about my Mom, when my intention was to get ya'll over to Roxy's blog and wish her and her Hubby a very happy "University!"

I hope all of you are having a great day!!! I'm a bit sad due to the fact that my son Ian will be going back to Warren AFB in WY tomorrow (*sniff*). I am sure going to miss him, as I know Dale & Murray will too! We have the best time!!!! I know I will see him again soon (and I have to say soon means within the next year :( ). If I was to win the lottery tomorrow...I would be visiting WY & WA (where Matt is, and the rest of my family) every weekend..I guess I wouldn't be a millionaire for very long...LOL


PS WELCOME BACK TO THE STATES ENFYS!!! Big HUGS to you, as I am sure you are already missing your Munchkins! I wish you an easy settling in, and a blessed day!!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joy from "Obsessed with Scrapbooking" & "Everyday Cricut" guest designer this week....

OH OH OH!!! Mr. Kotterrrrrrrrr! Anyone remember Horshack's call..LOL, well head over HERE to see Joy's fantastic work!!!!! I love her cards, and LO's, she is so talented, along with Mel! I won't lie...I miss seeing Tammy over at "Everyday Cricut," but you can visit her blog, it's on one of the blogs I follow "Creative Critters Cricut Club," and if you own a Gypsy, or need help with any cuts, she is your GAL!

I have to understand tho' if you ever read the 3 of their bios, or Robyn from the "Pink Stamper," all I can think is..."Dang, how do they do all of this!!!!," Actually all the ladies that have blogs that they post new projects everyday, Enfys from "Going Buggy" not only bi-continental, splitting her time between England & the, I know, back injury, but still, it would take me forever to get a card just "right" before I could actually post it, and as far as "designing" a 3d project or awesome LO, nah..that would be my linear thinking daughter Murray, I really need to post a pic of her "long house" she sat down one night and just made, no pattern, nothing..She's good at Math too. :) Which is the perfect segue into.......

MURRAY got accepted into Augusta State University!!!!! She plans on going for 2 years to get her grades back up (she is at a healthy 2.67), so hopefully some scholarships, and then onto my choice UGA, Ian's choice Duke, or Grandparents' alma mater UDUB (University of WA). Well whatever she chooses..we will be happy for her!!! So strange for me right Daughter on her way, 18, no longer my baby, but still is, Ian an adult with a calm of a Military Security Forces Airman, that I barely recognize him. And Matthew, embarking on a sweet relationship with who he says is a wonderful young lady (I completely trust Matt on this, he is a very good judge of character and would never surround himself with people who are "unhealthy" for him.) Of course according to Ian he violated "Man Code #13" by telling her the "L" word first. LOL "Man Code"..phhhhshhhhh, yep I can still slap my middle son up the side of the head (just kidding of course :))

Now some may find this next item completely inappropriate, but I can't help it, it made me laugh so hard, as well as Dale. Murray woke up the other day, with thoughts of her "Special K Strawberry Cereal" with bananas added. To her dismay, and my surprise, the bananas purchased 2 days prior (and a big bunch I will add) were gone. WHO is the banana fiend in our household you may ask..well Ian, my middle son who is with us until the 16th on leave (*sniff*), to which Murray commented "Ian is just a Potassium wh*re," OK, not what you wish to hear out of your beautiful Daughter's mouth, but at 6:30 AM, it is enough to make you giggle uncontrollably! :)

Well all, get on over to the blogs mentioned, because Joy is super generous with the blog goodies, so there is a surprise for you awaiting!!!!!

Have a fantastic day!!!!!!
Lisa :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cricut Cake give away!!!

Don't forget to stop by the Cuttlebug Challenges website to check out this post
HERE. Wouldn't it be great to win this!! Also be sure and check out Everyday Cricut, because they are giving one away as well!!!

Could you imagine with just your plain carts what you could make..the possibilities are endless...also today Melanie at Everyday Cricut shows off a YUMMY batman cupcake with a matching card. At the Cuttlebug challenges, there are a few videos to watch as well!!!

It truly is crafty goodness!

take care

Lisa : )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Blog CANDY!!!!

Head over HERE and check out the yummy blog candy the Bling Queen is giving away, the stamping solutions cart, and check out her cards...gorgeous!!!! I also believe she will be doing some guest appearances at Everyday Cricut, so be sure and check out the Saturdays there to see her lovely work!!! I was sent there by Monique, a very talented designer, and she is also giving away some goodies, you still have time to enter as she has one more day left of give aways, and oh wowser, they are AWESOME! You can go HERE to check out her goodies!!!! She is also a guest designer HERE for the week, and always has great tips and projects!! I have never ordered from Hallmark Ladybugs, but hear their service is outstanding!! Hope for a change in financial situation soon, because I love the product they are selling and hope to get an order in soon!!!!

Now for the everyday stuff, Ian my son who is in the AF is here on leave, it is so fantastic, we are having a blast hanging out, and enjoying our family time. The only person who would make this 100000% perfect (because it is pretty darn perfect already) is if my oldest son Matt was here. I just adore my kids, they are all adults now (my baby turned 18 March 31st, the day before Ian arrived, what a great birthday present for her!!!), well I think they are fantastic!! I have been blessed! Not to mention awesome step daughter & son, and 2 beautiful granddaughters. Not bad I tell ya!!!

Ian is stationed at Warren AFB in WY, so it has been a bit cold, and we had a high near 90 today..he is loving it!!! He also is enjoying the home cooking, and is very much looking forward to his Daddy Dale (my hunk of southern goodness) to make his pulled pork BBQ this Saturday. Life is pretty darn good!!!