Friday, February 19, 2010

added (small rant)

OK..every time I get up off the couch, my kitty boo Spanky gets right up where I was sitting, see I am leaning against a nice warm heating pad on my lower he manages to put his 11-12lb butt on my heating pad...and then I have to be careful to pick him up..not easy with a bad back, I usually do the "gently" push way, but he looks at me with those big ole green eyes...ugh..the guilt I feel. Spanky is the most intuitive cat I have ever owned. He knows when you are feeling icky or bad, in fact when my Hubby was going through his cancer treatments, Spanky abandoned me for awhile to take care of him. Now if I posted this already, forgive me..24/7 fentanyl patches make your head a bit fuzzy!!!!

OH!!! I updated my blog list that I follow, so be sure and check them out if you have never been to some of these sites...I think these ladies (and gentleman) are over flowing with crafty goodness, marshmallows included!!!!

okey doke..time to get oatmeal ready for the Girl. I also forgot that I have to pick out 5 pics for her senior page...hmmmm, how can I embarrass her??? J/K!!! ;)

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