Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Blog Candy, and wish ROXY a Happy Anniversary!!!

Andrea Walford is offering tutorials for her awesome mini books!!! She is also offering a free tutorial to a lucky winner! So be sure and check it out! HERE

Secondly, Corrine, aka Roxy is getting ready for a cruise that will be a few days before her & Hubby's 25th "University" (my family's term for Anniversaries). As I told Roxy, my Parents would have celebrated their 50th university last November if my Mom would of lived.

It will be 5 years this May, and the pain is still there, but the laughing from remembering a simple story related to another's post sustains me and keeps her still in my heart. I wondered the other day, if my Mom was a member of FB...I truly wonder how many friends she would have (and I'm talking actual friends that she would talk to on a daily basis!!!) She was a talker alright! :)

Sorry, not my intention to go into a post about my Mom, when my intention was to get ya'll over to Roxy's blog and wish her and her Hubby a very happy "University!"

I hope all of you are having a great day!!! I'm a bit sad due to the fact that my son Ian will be going back to Warren AFB in WY tomorrow (*sniff*). I am sure going to miss him, as I know Dale & Murray will too! We have the best time!!!! I know I will see him again soon (and I have to say soon means within the next year :( ). If I was to win the lottery tomorrow...I would be visiting WY & WA (where Matt is, and the rest of my family) every weekend..I guess I wouldn't be a millionaire for very long...LOL


PS WELCOME BACK TO THE STATES ENFYS!!! Big HUGS to you, as I am sure you are already missing your Munchkins! I wish you an easy settling in, and a blessed day!!! :)

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