Monday, February 8, 2010

CWUI.....A cautionary tale......

Well gentle readers, you may be wondering what CWUI stands for "crafting under the influence." I have mentioned previously that I have a wonderful (sarcasm of course) back injury, with 2 bulging discs and 2 annular tears in 1 of the discs. I guess according to some Ortho genius up in NC at Duke, the fluid that leaks from your discs can cause pain due to the "bathing" of the nerves & tissues from the disc fluid. I am giving you a back story, as many of you already know from my previous posts that I take a good amount of medication.

So, I am enjoying my blogs one morning and come across this post . I also have to mention if I haven't already, that Diane of has the BEST tutorials for cricut design studio. This gal knows her stuff!!! And she has a very easy list on her side bar for her designs. Well anyways, I decide, as I need a birthday card for my son Ian, that I want to make a similar card, but using a different punch, and trying out a different technique which I had done before (watercoloring), but never on watercolor paper. I was a bit disappointed as I really didn't get the shading right, but figured, hey it's cute. I also decided that instead of the card being vertical, I would make it horizontal. I felt at the time my design would fit better this way.

So now for my cautionary tale, DO NOT make cards while under the influence of heavy narcotics..I mean what was I thinking???? Here is a card that flops because the front of it is cut down, so it looks a bit wonky. Oh well, I did tie a piece of ribbon around the top so that he could hang it on the wall if he wished. So, not sure where the photos will turn up on this post (How do I get them to be underneath the post. Yes, as I ramble, still under the influence of my duragesic patch, so I guess I have no choice but to craft & post under the influence!! At the very least it can add 5-10 to my crafting time, which is long as I can figure out the orientation of a card!!!!!

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