Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going Buggy blog candy!!!!

Catch a HUGE wave and surf on over to!!!! First let your eyes glaze over at the beauty of these wonderful cards. Enfys is soooo talented, she is amazing!!! She is graciously giving away some YUMMY blog candy!!! I personally just want to know where to find the lovely raffia lace she uses on her cards, it's so gorgeous, and looks to be extremely versatile as well. I have seen her use it alone, and then lacing thin ribbon in the middle, ah, I tell ya, it reminds me of something vintage, I don't know if that's the right way to describe it, I just know I LOVE it!!!! She also has a fantastic video that shows different ways to make flowers, so many awesome tips. I don't know she does it, I know she is in the middle of some home improvement, plus she is Ms. February at Holidays with the cricut (Christmas with the cricut), and I am so excited as tomorrow, she is doing a mini book, I can't wait!!!

I have a few more cards to post later, want to get them out in the mail, and need photos of course (just in case the people getting the cards happen upon my blog prior to receiving them LOL!) I am happy that I have been able to do a few birthday cards, and tonight will be assembly line with my Daughter to finish her "rock candy" ipods for her friends' Valentine gifts. Will post a pic of those as well when we are finished. I'm looking forward to seeing how she does, as I only do the cutting and she does the rest. She is becoming quite the crafter!!!!

Have a fantastic day all, and will be back later. Oh and be sure and check out Split coast stampers Notebook holder tutorial made out of a file folder, it is really cute and would make a nice gift for any adult or teen. Hmmmm, I used the post link, but it didn't work..guess I will have to play around with it I guess..sorry you have to copy/paste. :(

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