Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today was my second in a possible series of lumbar epidural shots. I am proud of myself, because I did not CRY!! yeah me! But I think I drove my Doc crazy, because in order not to think about what he was doing, I was also talking a mile a minute, plus 2 lortab, and 2 valium doesn't help my verbal vomit either. The first one didn't really do anything, so we will see what happens with this one. If it works well, I won't get the 3rd shot, but my Darling Hubby (some sarcasm, lol) said if it works then get the whole series, make sure it works well. I see his logic in this, but he isn't the one who is laying there with a needle stuck down into my sacral area. Not to mention, I need more lido than most to deaden the nerves, so of course he didn't put enough in, and when he went down the catheter to inject the medicine..I about jumped off the table! I think he believes me now, and will make sure he really deadens the space! (I hope).

I'm really tired, doped up, and had to change my patch today. I so hope I can sleep tonight, if not, I'm heading to bed here soon so I can get maybe a few hours rest.

We are doing taco salad tonight for Cinco de mayo, man I wish I could have a mexican beer...that would really top it ETOH for me tho, will all these drugs...pfffffffft.

I'm checking my email now...and just trying to get to my regular blogs to see what's going on. Who knows, if I am up all night, I wll probably get to my other blogs to add comments and see all the crafty yummies!!

Don't forget scrapguys blog and everday definitely want a chance for the awesome blog candy at these sites (see my previous posts, as well as my right hand side bar)! Plus Bryan has awesome videos posted (I can't wait to continue watching them), and Everyday Cricut's Melanie & Joy always have the cutest cards, LO's, and projects on the web! Tammy too, but she is so busy with her Gypsy projects, and such, you will have to visit her at the crafty critters cricut club (I typed that from memory, and as my memory not greatest....LOL).

Happy Happy day,
Lisa, "I have a pain in upper butt" Sturgill :)

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