Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joy from "Obsessed with Scrapbooking" & "Everyday Cricut" guest designer this week....

OH OH OH!!! Mr. Kotterrrrrrrrr! Anyone remember Horshack's call..LOL, well head over HERE to see Joy's fantastic work!!!!! I love her cards, and LO's, she is so talented, along with Mel! I won't lie...I miss seeing Tammy over at "Everyday Cricut," but you can visit her blog, it's on one of the blogs I follow "Creative Critters Cricut Club," and if you own a Gypsy, or need help with any cuts, she is your GAL!

I have to understand tho' if you ever read the 3 of their bios, or Robyn from the "Pink Stamper," all I can think is..."Dang, how do they do all of this!!!!," Actually all the ladies that have blogs that they post new projects everyday, Enfys from "Going Buggy" not only bi-continental, splitting her time between England & the states..me, I know, back injury, but still, it would take me forever to get a card just "right" before I could actually post it, and as far as "designing" a 3d project or awesome LO, nah..that would be my linear thinking daughter Murray, I really need to post a pic of her "long house" she sat down one night and just made, no pattern, nothing..She's good at Math too. :) Which is the perfect segue into.......

MURRAY got accepted into Augusta State University!!!!! She plans on going for 2 years to get her grades back up (she is at a healthy 2.67), so hopefully some scholarships, and then onto my choice UGA, Ian's choice Duke, or Grandparents' alma mater UDUB (University of WA). Well whatever she chooses..we will be happy for her!!! So strange for me right now..my Daughter on her way, 18, no longer my baby, but still is, Ian an adult with a calm of a Military Security Forces Airman, that I barely recognize him. And Matthew, embarking on a sweet relationship with who he says is a wonderful young lady (I completely trust Matt on this, he is a very good judge of character and would never surround himself with people who are "unhealthy" for him.) Of course according to Ian he violated "Man Code #13" by telling her the "L" word first. LOL "Man Code"..phhhhshhhhh, yep I can still slap my middle son up the side of the head (just kidding of course :))

Now some may find this next item completely inappropriate, but I can't help it, it made me laugh so hard, as well as Dale. Murray woke up the other day, with thoughts of her "Special K Strawberry Cereal" with bananas added. To her dismay, and my surprise, the bananas purchased 2 days prior (and a big bunch I will add) were gone. WHO is the banana fiend in our household you may ask..well Ian, my middle son who is with us until the 16th on leave (*sniff*), to which Murray commented "Ian is just a Potassium wh*re," OK, not what you wish to hear out of your beautiful Daughter's mouth, but at 6:30 AM, it is enough to make you giggle uncontrollably! :)

Well all, get on over to the blogs mentioned, because Joy is super generous with the blog goodies, so there is a surprise for you awaiting!!!!!

Have a fantastic day!!!!!!
Lisa :)

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