Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy National ScrapBook DAY!!!!!!!

Do you have special plans today??? Plenty of the blogs (you can click on a few to the right) are having fun challenges, give-aways, and all around good times today, so check them out!!!!

My thanks go out to the Robyns, Joy, Melanie, Tammy, Enfys, Kathy, Laura, Bryan and a host of others who make scrapbooking/cardmaking so much fun!!! Oh man, this reminds me...Mary of Cardcrazy09, I need to get her link on my blog!!!! She also has some fun going on today as well! Off to check out the blogs and see whats going on with my internet Crafty Goodness friends!!!!!

Have a fun day, create if you can, oh enjoy the awesome ideas and projects going on today!!!!

Lisa :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Can you email me your address. I have a little something I want to send you
    En xx