Monday, April 19, 2010

PUI, and some awesome cards!!!!

Today was my epidural injection, I guess the first of three. I'm feeling OK right now due to the lidocaine injected into my lower back with the steroid. I don't care what anyone says....those shots frickin hurt!!!! I try to be brave, but even when he has done the local down to the spine, it still hurts when he injects the fluids. I'm pretty much drugged up, so should be good, but I expect tonight, not so yes, I'm PUI (posting under the influence). Really not any more meds than I usually take, just an extra Lortab and Valium. I hope this works...I so want to be able to do something longer than 15 minutes at a time!!

So, if I wanted to make a card, simple card Monday at the Everyday Cricut HERE by the UDDERLY AMOOZING Joy, looks like I could maybe get one done in about my time limit, or make cuts, then do the card later. Also watch her video for sizes and great instruction, Joy makes it so easy!!!

This card HERE, by the UBER talented Susan, well, definitely a bit longer, but how darn cute is this!!! While you are there, check out her new sister blog where she is making the most adorable cakes with her new cricut cake machine!!!!
I really do not need this machine...but the fun that would ensue...I don't know..if I ever have a better disposable income again..(LOL) I may have to!!!!

Lastly, finally talked to my Son Ian yesterday. He had to trip out Saturday and had arrived back at the base Friday night at 10pm. I wanted to call him, but felt I should wait. He told me he missed me a bunch too. Love that kid!! Because of a crappy school rule, Murray wasn't able to go to Prom this past Sat., but she spent yesterday with a good guy friend, and they went and saw Avatar at the dollar movies. They are like brother & sis, so I'm happy Murray has a "brother" while hers are farther away. Heard from my oldest about a week ago, still waiting to see a pic of him & his girlfriend. I hope it works out for them, Matt is a fantastic guy, and she sounds like a sweetheart. I think it's catfish today that was caught by Dale & Ian when they went fishing, so I know I have a little channel cat with my name on it (the big ones taste way to muddy to me!!). I realize I am rambling, but as I said, PUI!!! This is what happens, like word vomit, except I guess posting vomit? I like this all the time? ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. No one needs to let me know ;).

Hope to be able to post some projects soon, please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

Happy day and Crafty Goodness Hugs!!!
Lisa :)

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