Monday, May 17, 2010

Murray at Honor's night!!!

Dear gentle readers,

I have posted about my daughter's difficulties with school the past few years, if not, well she had some problems when she was living in WA, because someone wasn't doing their job. Her grades suffered, as well as her personal life.

She has buckled down, and done so great. In her annual, there was a very long half page letter to her by one of the schools' most respected teachers. He was so very proud of her, and told her she would go far. This school is probably the most academically competitive school I have ever seen! Perfect for Murray. Although she did not make the honor role, except for A-B, at honors night she was presented with the award of "Outstanding in Advanced British Literature." I believe she would have had one in Physics as well, but the gal who won that award had a higher GPA. is a photo of her with her guy friends, (isn't the guy in the middle the coolest, and he is super smart too!!!! OK, he reminds me of Murray's older brother Matt, but with more hair!!!!!! LOL ), and before she lost her tassle :( . Now we get to order one ASAP before the 26th. YEAH, yes that was a sarcastic YEAH. Apparently she wasn't the only one!...LOL

Crafty Hugs, and looking for another tassle Hug,
Lisa :)


  1. WOOHOO! Congrats to hard-working Murray and a devoted, responsible mom!

    Life IS good! :)

  2. Thanks CB! I have to give credit to my Hubby, Murray's step dad, because he is the pusher! Me, I tend to get jellied by her smile. I have to admit, without his vigilance, Murray probably wouldn't be where she is! Thanks so much for the awesome comment!!!

    Lisa :)

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  4. I'm so excited for you, Lisa !!! I'm sure it feels as much as your graduation as Murray's !! If only they (our children) would listen to us from the beginning but they need to forge their own trail. Congratulations to everyone !!!

    Big Hugs