Tuesday, March 9, 2010


They responded to my post on how to add blinkies to my blog!! I tell you all this stuff confuses the crapola out of me!!! But I am determined to carry on!!! Now if I can get some more followers, or someone to read my blog other than my oldest son who complained about me calling him a Larp guy...hmmmm LOL.

Sunday night, was feeling cruddy, been out grocery shopping, didn't take enough meds, than wasn't hungry so skipped lunch, ate dinner..bad all around...my face is now a deep red due to little broken blood vessels all around my eyes, forehead. Ahhhh I forgot how much fun projectile vomiting can be. Hasn't really happened like that since I was preggo with my daughter (no not a possibility). Could be going around, or just too much this past weekend, as Saturday we drove 45 minutes for the Cinderella project in Aiken. They are a wonderful group of ladies from a Law firm that furnish free prom dresses & accessories to local teen girls. Murray found the perfect dress for her Senior dinner dance that night! We felt so blessed!!!! I can't say enough for how sweet and supportive these lovely ladies were. Times have been tough as I have mentioned before, but this outing was very special, and not once did we feel like "oh you poor things" type.

Here is a pic of Murray in her dress, although I have others, I will need permission to post their photos as well, the later photos, Murray's friends got a hold of her hair and makeup, although she looked very pretty when she left as well! :)


  1. Hi Lisa, you do make me laugh.....sorry you have been feeling rough though. Tell Murray she looks absolutely fabulous, and chose the perfect dress.
    big hugs
    En xx

  2. Thanks En!!! I tell ya, I am hopeful for things to get better, because Dillards, and Kohls always have awesome after prom type sales, and i plan to buy a few dresses when I can to donate to their cause. Murray who wants to own a bookstore one day has decided she would like to start her own "Cinderella proejct" : ) Thanks for your comment, and you En, you make me laugh as well!!! I appreciate you so much!