Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday musings...

My pool is finally drained...Now it's time to clean. YUCK..I need to have help, (aka someone has to really do it for me :{) but don't know who will be able to do so as Murray is set on going to see Avatar...again! I know the next week is a bust because I have to take it easy, another try at the epidural shots tomorrow for my back..I can only hope :{

I hadn't posted about this much due to the fact I have been trying to process the whole thing, and it happened the day before my daughter's 18th birthday and when Ian coming to visit on leave. One of my Favorite Cousin, who happens to be named Dale as well, lost his wife Patti of 4+ years. She had a massive heart attack at home, she was 46. I am so heartbroken for my Cousin. He was married many years ago (I believe his daughter is about a year older than Murray), and his wife, well I don't know what happened, except my Cousin raised his Daughter on his own until 5 years ago. He met Patti, and she was the love of his life, and a Mother to his daughter. I want to make him a card, and have plenty of reasons of why I haven't (Ian in my craft room sleeping, Ian here..yadda yadda yadda), but the truth is..I have no words, and after dealing with the thought of losing my own Husband so young in life (he was 40 when diagnosed with rectal cancer), I think this is what is keeping me from getting the card done. So my goal today is to get a card done for my Cousin and try to convey to him how much I love him, and hurt for him. Sometimes, ya know..Life SUCKS!

Well if you are reading this rambling post, thank you, and God Bless you, because I don't know if I could! ;)

Happy Sunday, and oh yeah, we finally got an antennae for our TV, so we get local channels, yippee...cable is over-rated. (ok..I miss the Food Network channel and BBC America.) Have a fantastic week, and I will have a card to post later. :)

Crafty Hugs,

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