Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where in the world have I been????????

Well, if anyone is reading, my summer has been basically filled with pain (as usual), which I find strange as a "nice" neurologist basically said if I lost weight, my back would be better, for some reason I have been losing weight, and not sure why, but trying to eat better, cut out processed foods, not much red meat, and trying to get out more and do more. Of course this is always followed by days of bed rest due to unbelievably painful episodes unlike the usual chronic ache. (so basically on a scale of 1-10, my pain level elevates from my usual 5-6 daily to 8-9). But, the best part was watching my beautiful Daughter Murray graduate on May 26th, and begin getting ready for her Freshman year at the local University. She is surprising me these past 2 weeks with her dedication, and her interest in her studies. She is taking Communications, Pre-Calculus, English, and Psych!!! 2 of her "bros" and a few others from her former HS are attending the same University, so between studying, classes, and now a desire to get into shape and avoid the "freshman fifteen," she is planning on a workout schedule on the eliptical (old injury to Left hip, and recent sprain back in May to her left ankle, hmmmm sounds so familiar, poor sweetie!).

My Sons are doing well respectively, Ian in the AF, and Matt has a GF that he moved in with. I have yet to meet this "ebony Goddess," as he calls her, but she sounds very sweet!!!! I hope the best for them! My other Daughter Anna is taking college courses online, while taking care of her two beauties, although my sweetheart Lilly (who by the way, fell in love with her Auntie Murray this summer, and the feeling is mutual!!!) started 1st grade this year, and our very Sassy Bella is at home with Mama! I wish we lived closer to them, I would take Bella for a few hours a day so Anna could get more done! She's doing it tho! Her Dad & I are very proud of her! She is also planning her wedding to her longtime love Deon. Unfortunately (and fortunately) Deon's new job is putting a few glitches in the their plans, so they keep having to change the date! I know it must be frustrating for both of them, but I know this job is a fantastic opportunity for Deon, and I know he feels awesome about taking such good care of his family! We haven't heard from Andrew, and I admit I'm worried and hoping all is well with him. There is some issues between Andrew and his Dad, which I really dislike, but I have to let them figure it out for themselves. : (

OK, why not...we lost our house. We have joined the masses in being foreclosed, and will have to find something soon. It is very heartbreaking, as Dale had a job which was a temporary position, but had him in Alabama for 3 weeks, where he was training and going through all the tests, and such for working on a Federal installation. I won't lie, the way the Federal government has treated us (different agencies) has been atrocious, and I have lost quite a bit of faith. He was doing very well until his medical, where they of course found out Dale had cancer in 2007, and as it is a possible "reoccurring" cancer, they cut him loose. They said he had to be 5 years cancer free. Another setback. We are trying to be positive, but unbelievable what we have been through during our almost 10 years of marriage! God has provided, but I guess the house is not going to be one of them, so I'm not looking forward to this task. :( Any extra prayers you have, if you could spare a few for us, especially my Daughter, so this doesn't effect her too much and she can keep her schooling still smooth through the upcoming upheaval, well that would be so much appreciated!!!!!

Sorry for the downer post, but I'm tired of feeling embarrassed about somethings that have been out of my control. We just have to pick ourselves up and go on, that's all we can do!

I pray for special scrappy friends, Stephanie, Monique, and if I forgot anyone, please let me know. These are courageous women going through such a difficult time right now, and both have shown nothing but grace and smiles, unbelievable. I think a bout of cancer would do me in at this point in my life. I would like to think I am stronger than that, but sometimes, I don't know. But they say, and I do believe it..."God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle." (not the direct quote I know, my meds are kicking in...LOL).

I wish anyone who reads this silly blog of my ramblings, Happiness this weekend and a wonderful upcoming holiday weekend!!!!

Crafty Hugs!!!!
Lisa :)