Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another whine, which I should probably have cheese to go with it....

So lots of pain this week, 50mcg of fentanyl duragesic patch + lortabs, and valium, really don't seem to help much, except make me sleepy, but if I sleep too long in one position...God help me. I looked up the type of pain caused by annular tears, and I wonder what MD's they think it's a tickle, as a wise person said to me once. I guess so. I also did a test which I then enlisted my Hubby to answer the questions as well by what he observes, it's called the "Oswestry Disability Index," to what extent to it's reliability I am not sure, as it is mainly subjective. But with both of us answering the questions separately, it showed that I was 66% disabled. Nice huh? I really think I'm done playing with this, and am going to push for a diskectomy w/fusion, something that physical therapy may help? It's difficult to distinguish, is the injury causing all the depression or is the depression causing more pain. Quite the quandary, if you know what I mean. I try slow stretches, relaxation techniques, but of course with the money issues and impending doom looming over our heads, what to think. I spend time trying to be honest to say, "Ok, am I incurring more pain due to all the depression, but then when I wake up out of a sleep in extreme pain..I'm not so sure.

OK, cheese & wine is over, now for the entree'. My beautiful Daughter saw that I was in pain this am (making her lunch & oatmeal had me a bit teary), so she said "Do you need a hug??" I replied "yes" and she came over and gave a huge hug, not one of those "I'm too cool and old to hug my Mom type of hug." Then asked me if I wanted to see her Senior page. It was so special, and my Hubby (her Step-dad) wrote this incredible tribute to our Daughter. The photos we used had pics of her best friends, cousin, and brothers. (I wished we had a photo of her & her sister to include, but unfortunately did not, I'm hoping she will be here for graduation, then there will be pictures galore :) )

As for blog reading, check out Enfys blog. She has such a lovely card for Easter, and a funny story of how she attempted to feed a parking meter with muggle money and no success until a parking warden with no sense of humor came and fed it right in (I suspect wizardry going on here, sorry, rereading all the Harry Potter books!) has a fantastic guest designer in Monique Griffith, love her work, as well as Melanie, Tammy & Joy who show up as well quite often as guest designers..check out her LO's they are so intricate and gorgeous!!!!!

So trying to be positive, and I hope your day is well, and filled with happiness, and I will do my best to stay happy. In fact time for a Lortab. Happy Happy Joy Joy :{

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