Thursday, April 29, 2010

OK, so had to post this, no matter how much I embarrass myself....

You really need to see if you can watch a video of this segment, I hope there is one!!!! HERE

Just to let you know, Sarah Silverman was a bedwetter, and she tells a story of a sleepover at 6 years old and having an wetting her sleeping bag. She talks about trying to ignore it, get ready like everyone else, and the Mom coming out, steps on the sleeping bag, and screams "Who did this!!!!" but Sarah is saved by the Dad coming in the room and stating "Elvis just Died!!" So Sarah saved.

Now for my story. I was not a bedwetter. BUT, when I was about 6 (same age, imagine that), my Mom, Kenny (my younger brother) & I were getting ready to go somewhere in her convertible monster of a car. While she was backing out of the driveway, she started to run over a bike left in the driveway by one of my brothers. Well she got out of the car, and went to move the bike. Somehow, I don't know what happened, but the car began to back up, knocked her down, and ran over her legs at the knee level. I still have the image of her face as I was looking down and the sound of her wail as the car ran over her. (Now I will say, only my Mom could manage to run herself over with her own car, this is how her life was, very ironic!). Just a note, I was crying, my younger brother leaned over and turned the car off as we went into our neighbors driveway.

Now..My Dad was working in Portland OR, and with my Mom in the hospital I went to spend the night with our neighbors and my Mom's close friend Vanda. I slept with her Daughter who was a tween at the time. Well I wet the bed. I was so ashamed! Vanda asked me, with a disgusted accusatory look on her face, "Did you wet the bed?", I said "no" and I'm sure with a look of absolute horror on my face.

So you may wonder, what does this have to do with anything...WTF is wrong with adults!!! I mean my Mom had just been run over by her car which I witnessed, traumatic much?????? Poor Sarah was so devastated by the Mother's reaction, her question was the same, why would an adult try to embarrass a child in that way.

So my friends...if someone has an accident at your house...quietly remove the evidence, maybe discuss it with the child's parent..but don't yell it to the world or confront them...we felt bad enough!

And unfortunately for me...Elvis hadn't died yet.

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