Sunday, March 28, 2010


Head on over to HERE to Injoy Stampin' with Robyn, and check out her yummy crafty goodness she is giving away!!!! Below is just one of the photos of the goodies. She also has a video to give a better view..oh the happiness of looking at crafty yummies!!!!! While you are watching her video, be sure and do it at You Tube, so you can subscribe to her channel. She has awesome tutorials on how to do bindings of mini books, and other very helpful hints. One of my fave channels :) Have fun!!!!!!

On a personal note, pretty quiet weekend, Murray has a nasty cold, and is slowly getting better, feel sorry for the gal. This is her birthday week, yep my baby is turning 18 March 31st. *sniff* but not for long as my son Ian is arriving on the 1st for 15 days of leave from Warren AFB. I can't wait to see him!!!!! Best birthday present Murray could ask for! (well besides a car..yeah right..LOL) Please keep us in your prayers as we are going to be going through some big changes here soon unless we get a miracle. I'm still hoping!!! I'm trying to remain positive, but the stress is beginning to wear on Dale & I a bit. I am scheduled for a procedure on the 19th of April which is a epidural shot, (I thought I had this previously, but I guess it was a nerve root block instead). I'm hoping it will work so that I can begin some sort of physical therapy (of course on my own). Guess we will have to see..but I oh so hate (yes I said hate) having needles in my back!!!

For those that read this..thanks, and I appreciate your time!


Lisa :)

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Wanted to stop by and let you know you are my BBTB2 Blog Hop winner..please contact me with your 3 favorite sets from the Cutting Cafe:)