Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Buzzin' Blog Hop!!!

You need to go HERE and take in all the fantastic projects by these Gals!!! There is blog candy as well, but the best part is the use of the iconic Bee...ADORABLE, I think almost every cricut cart has a bee cut, so no excuses not to get in on the fun!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I'm awake again! Gotta love fentanyl patches, oh well, going to try to doze soon, hopefully catch a few zzzzzzzzs. Murray's lunch is made, as well as the coffee, ready to go, my chores, whooopie!!! I attempted to go for a walk today, I was kind of having a bad day emotionally. Usually if I don't think about this whole back, work, etc.. situation, I'm OK, yes I know some avoidance there, but it's a coping thing. Today it didn't work, so I cut up two apples, got my water bottle, and left, I'm not sure how far or how long I was gone, but I do know, too much. I don't know why I can't give myself a break and do a bit at a time, noooo I have to prove something, but to who or whom (? :) ), I don't know. Whelp, not an exciting post I know..and really try this blog hop, they can be a lot of fun!!!! I find new blogs to follow and usually end up hanging for awhile (especially Busy with the Cricky blog), to check out any posts I missed, because Dashboard confuses the heck out of me, and if the blog isn't subscribed to my email, more than likely I will miss it due to the Huge amount of blogs I have coming into my email box already!! Yep..I'm a blog wh*re. I admit it!

OH one more thing...head over HERE to Robyn's blog as she is doing a great tutorial on how to make a mini album. She is incredibly talented, I believe I have mentioned her before in regards to her unique binding techniques? HERE at Laura's blog she also has some great techniques to learn. Recently she has added U-Stream episodes, I mean how cool, your own video tutorial live! So to me..both of these AWESOME ladies are Mini album Diva's (and of course I can't forget Marion from a http://apieceofcraft.blogspot.com/ HERE:) ). At Laura's site you can also purchase her kits to do along with the U-stream class, so WIN-WIN! I will also add, that Robyn & Laura are the sweetest ladies as well!

YEAH..my eyes are getting heavy.....this could be good!! Happy crafting today if you get the chance, and if not...Sweet dreams of crafting!!!!

Lisa :)


  1. Sweet comments on our BBTB2 blog and blog hop...thank you for sweet comments on my blog and thank you for visiting.

  2. Thank you Carole, for all of you that design for BBTB2, your hard work, talent & inspiration!!!

    Crafty Hugs,
    Lisa :)