Wednesday, February 3, 2010


STOP what you are doing!!!! Head over to this blog and check out this gorgeous tutorial on how to make vintage heat tool flowers. You can watch this tutorial on her blog or on You tube. I can't wait to try this. It seems I have been obsessed with flowers lately, and was thinking I really want to try this...hmmmm..did we toss the left over material from a sheer cami that we used for my daughter's Halloween flapper dress??? I wonder if she has any other sheer material that she may not want..or do I?? I'm terrible I know..plundering through my daughter's closet..tsk tsk. I wish I would have known about this tutorial when we made the flapper dress (the main part was pieced together from a gold lame type trench coat I had purchased for an Army Christmas ball, and only wore once). Here is a photo of the dress, you can see top part, not much of the bottom I'm afraid, but where we were short on fabric for the lower ruffle of the dress we added the panels made from the grey cami.

Hoping to post some projects soon, waiting on the card to get there first just in case my son finds this blog and sees his card!!

Cheers all, have a great day, oh and wish me luck, I am upping my dosage of my fentanyl duragesic patch to 50mcg every 3 days. I hope this allows me to quit taking so much of the Lortab (hydrocodone). Still won't be able to drive, but if it helps with the pain and I get a good nights sleep, I will be very happy. For some reason being up at 3am every morning (although that affords me the opportunity to get Murray's lunch ready, and breakfast, make coffee. Yeah, then I'm in pain with spasms...all from making a PB&J. Actually if you think about's kind of funny. : )

Oh, if anyone wishes to tell me how to get the photos under my would be greatly appreciated. (insert rolling eyes emoticon here, I'm hopeless!!).

Lisa :)


  1. WOWZA, Lisa !!! You did an amazing job on her dress !!!! Absolutely gorgeous !!!!

    Have a great day & thanks to the link to my're so sweet !

  2. Thanks so much! I mainly supervised as my back couldn't take sitting too much. For her first major project she did very well. (I sewed most of it, she put the pieces together which was difficult with the darts and such, ok difficult for me, but not for her, math whiz that she is).

    Have a great day too, and glad to link your blog, I hope someone stumbles across this "thingie," and find your great tutorial!