Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh JOY Saturday!!!! well maybe....

Saturdays are usually my favorite time on the weekends, house is quiet, no lunches to prepare, and no trying to wake up 17 y/o teen girl. (she's not too bad, just about 2 wake up calls :) ). She sleeps in, Hubby sleeps in...quiet, yummy coffee, etc...

Today was a bit of a bust, tired all day, and achy, so I read, and rested, my legs propped on pillows, and a few times watched a few videos. (Spanky kept me company :). Which reminds me, this blog is an absolute must for all cardmakers!!!

Mary is the sweetest Gal, her videos are fun and informative, besides being so incredibly creative!!! I hope you enjoy her videos as much as I have. She has also been branching out into the wonderful world of mini albums...gotta love mini albums, I still enjoy scrapbooking, but I have to say, 3d stuff and mini albums..they are so much fun, even if that red tape stuff tends to sticks to everything you own (I have found that tape liner in my bathroom! I need scor-tape LOL).

Stampin with Roxy has PDFs available on her blog (I believe Tuesday they will be available), which is a gorgeous book with a waterfall scrapbook inside. You can see the sample on You tube, it's incredible!!! Don't forget to leave your comments on Holidays with the Cricut as you can win some awesome prizes, I make it a daily visit, because even if I don't have the cart they are using..well the ideas can be used in any type of card. Don't forget to check out the individual blogs of Melanie, Tammy, and Joy, as they have wonderful projects as well. I know I have many other great sites to list, but it's late, and I'm on my way back to You tube to watch a few more videos before bedtime!!!!

Have a great night!!!

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