Saturday, January 30, 2010

I also wanted to add, I will ask permission of the person who created the original project prior to recreating, now this is all a maybe as my craft time is limited due to my back, but thanks to Tammy from Holidays with the Cricut, I managed to make a great load of cards for Christmas. And of course the biggest shout out is to my Daughter who helped tremendously!! I hope to get some crafting done today, and work on some paper flowers..I am loving this technique. Oh yes, another technique some of you may be interested in is this link:

this technique produces very beautiful flowers, be sure to leave a comment if you like and follow her blog, I just started to, and her blog looks like she has some fantastic ideas!!!! more for today...LOL


  1. hi there, lisa! thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog today! as for some watercoloring advice...i actually have a tutorial on how i watercolor here:

    i hope this helps!


  2. Thanks so much Mercy!!!!! On my way! I hope to post a sample of my first watercoloring project (on watercolor paper) here soon. I just have to figure out how!!! LOL

    Love your work, and thanks for the link, so hopefully others will find there way to watercoloring greatness!!!! :)