Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trying something a bit different....

So, I think my blogger is a Debbie Downer blog, so I'm hoping to add to it that may be more fun for me & whoever happens to find their way here to my little piece of me. I have a list that I posted of my fav blogs, and I do mean my fav, I have many more, but I figured start out small, don't get frustrated :) . I also hope to add my comments and possibly projects that I have created after watching many of my fav bloggers and their youtube videos, not to steal their projects, but if I can do them...anyone can, I promise you that. As you can see (hopefully if I did it right) there is already a blog for card of the week by the Barefoot stamper, so no need for another, but I would really like to showcase what I feel are the best videos out there, so if some of you are looking for inspiration and/or new to crafting, it may help, if not..oh well, I can also ramble on about other things as well.

*Note: best rambling is when I am PUI (posting under the influence), which means I'm pretty medicated up. Hopefully someday soon, there will be no need for these crappy meds and you can get to know the real me, but then again, someone in my high school annual wrote, "I liked you better when you were punk (and also taking speed)" prior to me becoming a Christian. So we shall see. ; )

God bless all, and have a great day!! A special shout out for those that are covered with snow right now..stay warm, and drink your hot cocoa!!!!


  1. Hi Lisa, I can't see your list!! Did you hide it? Hope you are feeling better today,
    big hugs
    En xx

  2. Thanks Enfys, it was at the bottom of the page, now it's on the side, I hope you can see it?

    This is all new to me, so still finding my way...LOL