Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blogging???? what do I do? I guess I could share all the trauma in my life, or my love for crafting, or quote some long gone babbling English poet..but I guess for now..Hello, my name is Lisa, I'm old, I have a daughter who returned home from another state after a not so nice experience, and getting used to having a 17 y/o young woman, instead of my 14 y/o empathetic daughter. Don't get me wrong..she is still empathetic, but seems so brought down. I can only hope for the best, and help her become the wonderful young woman who I know she is. I guess in later dates I will tell the rest of the story, teen pregnancy, alcohol, multiple marriages (never wanted to be the Elizabeth Taylor of my family), and then of course, nursing and back injuries. All this taking care of my dear beloved husband with rectal cancer. Sh*t happens of course..but dang..we seem to own a herd of cows at this moment, and they are not particular where they do their thang. That's all for now..I'm on my way to read more interesting and nicer blogs. If you find this...I advise you to go life is better, I'm not pathetic, and go along your happy day. Have a great one!

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